Luxury Water Myths

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A Water Soft­ener Requires a Lot of Space

Most modern BWT Luxury Water® Softeners will easily fit into a standard 500mm kitchen cupboard.

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A Water Softener works by adding Salt to the Water?

Whilst a water softener uses salt in the process of softening your hard water it does not add it to the water you use in your home. The salt is actually used to refresh the resin that removes the hardness minerals that cause scale and scum.

There is no differ­ence between a Scale Inhibitor and a Water Soft­ener

A water soft­ener removes the minerals that cause limescale from the water. A phys­ical water condi­tioner does not remove these minerals, and whilst it will inhibit the build-​up of scale it will not offer the life style bene­fits of Luxury Water®

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You Cannot Drink Soft­ened Water?

There is no real reason why the average person can't drink softened water, and in most cases, it is simply a matter of choice.
However, softene water does contain a very slight increased amount of sodium (this will increase with water hardness) and for that reason, it is not recommended for people who are on a low sodium diet or for the preparation of baby formula milk. See Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000 for more details.

Soft­ened Water taste Salty?

The truth is that soft­ened water will taste different but it is myth that it will taste salty. The salt used in the regen­er­a­tion process does not enter your water supply. The light increase in sodium is a result of the ion exchange process where sodium ions are exchanged for the hard­ness minerals that cause the water to be hard in the first place.

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Water Soft­eners are expen­sive to run?

Water softeners only require periodically top up of salt, water for the regeneration process and a minimal amount of electricity. The exact amount will vary depending on the size of the household and the local swater hardness. The saving on toiletries, household cleaning and laundry products can also offset any running costs reducing the impact on the family budget to a minimum.

Water Soft­eners use large amount of Salt

The amount of salt used will depend on the model of water softener you select, the type of salt and the amount of softened water you use. Generally, a modern water softener fitted to a four person family home will use about 10 × 25
*kg bags per year* data based on 140 litre per person per day.

Water Soft­eners can only be fitted in the Kitchen?

Modern water softeners are typically fitted in a kitchen cupboard, but can equally be fitted in utility room, garage and even outside (in a specially constructed cabinet), providing there is access to the incoming mains water supply and a suitable drain.

On Going Peace of Mind

The BWT Luxury Water® Range of advanced water soft­eners have all mate­rials BS6920 Certi­fied and built and tested to the British stan­dard so you can buy with confi­dence. They also come with an industry leading 5 year parts and 2 year @home labour warranty, for your complete peace of mind.      

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