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With the BWT Drinking Water Kits you will have unforgettable refreshing water for your drinking enjoyment!
drinking water kits drinking water kits

Improving your water quality

Water Quality

A benefit the whole family can enjoy throughout the day

The water deliv­ered to the edge of our homes in the UK has to meet some very strict stan­dards but even so can taste very different from one area to another. The actual taste can be influ­enced by many things, from the source of the water to the chem­i­cals used to treat it so it is safe to drink. The actual quality is also affected by the pipes it travels through and our own domestic water systems. Calcium and trace elements of heavy metals like lead and copper along with chlo­rine can result in limescale and impair the flavour. BWT drinking water kits are an ideal solu­tion for reducing these substances where they exist, and even in some cases adding addi­tional minerals like magne­sium and in doing so changing good quality water into great water.

Easy to install and live with

BWT Drinking Water Kits are compact in size, making them ideal for where space is limited. They are simple to fit with easy to follow instruc­tion and require little main­te­nance except for routine filter changes. They deliver filtered water through a dedi­cated drinking water tap.

A smart choice

When you choose a BWT drinking water system you are assured of a high quality product that makes use of proven and inno­v­a­tive filtra­tion tech­nology. Each kit includes a dedi­cated tap that delivers fresh tasting water straight to glass at price signif­i­cantly cheaper than carry home bottled water.

Removes Limescale

Choosing a BWT drinking water system that includes a filter for reducing limescale is an ideal solution for crystal clear hot and cold drinks and protecting kettles and coffee makers from hard limescale deposits.

Taste Experience

The BWT drinking water filter kits can remove bad taste and odours, reduce limescale and add beneficial minerals for between 3 and 6 months depending on the system and filter chosen.

Compact size Drinking Water Kits

Ideal for best drinking water where space is limited

Filtra­tion systems typi­cally comprise of a filter housing and dispos­able or wash­able filter, and are intended to be incor­po­rated into a water supply system. Drinking water systems are similar in their design, although slim-line systems often make use of filter cartridges that do not require a sepa­rate filter housing. Their compact size makes them ideal for where space is limited. Drinking water systems are usually supplied with a tap and fixing kit for easy instal­la­tion.

All filter assem­blies should only be fitted to an approved and safe potable water supply.


  • Drinking water
  • Previ­ously treated bore hole and spring water supplies
  • Food prepa­ra­tion
  • Hot and cold drinks

Impor­tant: Cartridges should be replaced every three to six months (unless other­wise stated), depending on the quality of the incoming water and the amount of water used. Please refer to the cartridge guide for infor­ma­tion on which cartridges to use.

All drinking water kits and water filters should be fitted with a suit­able isola­tion valve and the pres­sure relieved from the system by opening a suit­able tap prior to working on the filter or changing the cartridge.

drinking water kits
drinking water kits

Slim Line

  • Space saving designs
  • Innovative, easy to change filter cartridges
  • Simple installation via push-fit couplings and food grade tubing 
  • Models suitable for the removal and reduction of bad taste, odours and limescale from drinking water
  • Range includes Touch Flow, Quarter Turn and 3-Flow taps
  • Fitting kit supplied
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drinking water kits

Inline Kit

  • Space saving designs
  • Fitting kit supplied
  • No need for a separate housing
  • Innovative, easy to change filter cartridges
  • Suitable for the removal of bad taste and odours
  • Long life cartridge 3 - 6 months (dependant on use and water quality)
  • Install in less than one hour
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drinking water kits


  • 10” standard filter housing for use with a wide range of BWT filters
  • Choice of long or short reach taps
  • Simple installation via push-fit couplings and food grade tubing
  • Fitting kit supplied, including wall mounting bracket
  • Additional and specialist filters available
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drinking water kits



  • Suitable for the removal of bad tastes and odours from drinking water
  • Removes the minerals that cause scale and scum
  • Reduces the levels of lead and other heavy metals
  • Simple installation via push-fit couplings and food grade tubing


  • The combined filters remove particulate matter down to 1 micron
  • Removes cryptosporidium, giardia and many other cysts
  • Can significantly reduce levels of bacteria
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drinking water kits

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