BWT Quick & Clean limescale filtering system

Brilliant shine instead of a limescale on your bath and shower

A familiar problem: After showering or bathing, unsightly limescale marks are left on the fittings and a soapy film covers the tiles and shower screens. The BWT Quick & Clean anti-limescale filter system prevents limescale from gathering in the shower and bathroom at the press of a button.
Quick and clean Qucik and clean



Soft water at the touch of a button

If you're tired of constantly having to clean the bath­room, you can save your­self the trouble of having to scrub the tiles, remove shower heads and polish fittings with the BWT Quick & Clean anti-limescale filter system. That's because the BWT Quick & Clean anti-limescale filter system is connected directly to the shower fitting or bath tap. After show­ering, you can acti­vate it simply by pressing a button and then rinse down the shower, tiles and fittings using the softened water. So there is no limescale residue and the shower and bath­room will gleam. No wiping, cleaning agents or chem­i­cals needed! This not only saves time, cleaning agents and money, but is also good for the envi­ron­ment!

The simple solution for a clean shower free from limescale

Bedienung Quick and Clean
Bedienung Quick and Clean

Anti-​limescale filter system

Quick & Clean anti-limescale filtering system

Limescale and soap residues create unsightly deposits in showers, bath­rooms and on shower walls. The BWT Quick & Clean anti-​limescale filter system saves time and effort scrub­bing shower screens, fittings and tiles – without requiring specialist cleaners.

  • Cleaning at the press of a button - protects the shower and bath­room from limescale
  • Saves on expen­sive cleaning prod­ucts - clean without wiping
  • Free from harmful chem­i­cals
Quick and clean Quick and clean

How does BWT Quick & Clean work?


Like all other BWT soft­ening systems, the BWT Quick & Clean anti-​limescale filter system uses the ion exchange process. Press the button on the BTW Quick & Clean system to send water through the ion exchange cartridge, where it is soft­ened.


This process removes the calcium magne­sium ions that make the water hard and replace them with sodium ions. The result: Soft­ened water that does not leave limescale marks!

Montage Quick and Clean Montage Quick and Clean

How do you replace a filter cartridge?

If the filter cartridge is empty, you can easily change it your­self: First unscrew the bottom of the anti-​limescale filter by hand, draw out the old filter cartridge and insert the new one. Then simply screw the bottom of the anti-​limescale filter back on and the BWT Quick & Clean anti-​limescale filter system is ready to use again!

Frequently asked questions about BWT QUICK & CLEAN


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