UV Disinfection

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UV Disinfection systems from BWT are a reliable and environmentally friendly way to remove germs from the water.
Frau genießt sauberes Wasser Frau genießt sauberes Wasser



Harnessing the power of the sun to produce clean water without using chemicals.

Water is our most important food and naturally contains bacteria. Most of these are harmless, but there are also microorganisms that can multiply quickly under certain conditions, becoming a problem for human health. For example, self-sufficient customers who have their own well or spring can find their supply is increasingly contaminated with germs. UV disinfection systems from BWT are an environmentally friendly solution that reliably reduce germs and viruses in water.

Water disinfection with UV systems from BWT

UV disinfection

The BWT S Series of UV units provide a cost effec­tive, chem­ical free solu­tion to the treat­ment of problem water that is, may or likely to suffer from micro­bi­o­log­ical cont­a­m­i­na­tion. Depending on the quality of the existing water pre-​treat­ment may be neces­sary, for example to remove coarse impu­ri­ties, or iron and or manganese. BWT always recom­mend a inde­pen­dent water analysis survey before deciding on your final water solu­tion.

  • Disin­fects drinking water without using chem­i­cals
  • Elim­i­nates cont­a­m­i­nants such as e-​coli, cysts and bacteria
  • Suit­able for private water supplies, holiday homes, cara­vans and boats, remote dwellings and small commer­cial premises
  • Optimal wave­length 254 nanome­tres
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We would be happy to help you find the BWT water softener that best suits your needs. Contact our BWT experts for advice.

BWT – Your Partner for Specialist Applications

It is strongly recom­mended that water sources other than that from the public drinking water supply, such as well or spring water is tested by an autho­rised labo­ra­tory. The water should then be treated appro­pri­ately before being used for drinking or bathing.

BWT offer a range of solu­tions for those home­owners who rely on these alter­na­tive sources of water as well as providing specialist prod­ucts for water supplies that may contain high levels of impu­ri­ties, nitrate, iron or heavy metals. What­ever the source or appli­ca­tion for your water talk to us to iden­tify the right water treat­ment solu­tion.

BWT – Ihr Partner für Spezialfälle BWT – Ihr Partner für Spezialfälle

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How does UV disinfection work?

UV Anlage desinfiziert Wasser
UV Anlage desinfiziert Wasser
The anti-bacterial effect of artificially generated UV radiation was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1902, for example, Austrian physician Gustav Kaiser reported successes with healing a wound that would not previously mend and healing a patient with tuberculosis. In the meantime, the disinfection of water using UV light has become a very common and reliable, method treating drinking water.
UV Anlage desinfiziert Wasser
UV Anlage desinfiziert Wasser
BWT's UV systems operate at a wavelength of 254 nanometres (nm). UV light with this wavelength has a particularly strong effect in destroying microorganisms. The DNA of the microorganisms is changed and they are no longer able to multiply. The centrepiece of BWT systems is one or more low-pressure lamps that produce UV light in the required intensity. The emitters are installed in a stainless steel chamber through which the water to be disinfected is passed. Thanks to UV radiation, existing germs and bacteria are reduced safely and, above all, without the addition of chemical substances.

Frequently asked questions about UV disinfection

Are water suppliers obliged to provide clean water?

Your water supplier is the guarantor that you get drinking water delivered to your home. The strict principles for this quality are laid down in the Drinking Water regulations. However, in your domestic water network this quality can be lost through heating, different materials etc. - problems such as limescale and corrosion can develop. The responsibility for the drinking water changes when it enters your home from the supplier to the house owner. Thus the "operator of a drinking water system" is responsible and influence the quality of the water at the tap.
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