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BWT case study Trinity MEP Engineering BWT case study Trinity MEP Engineering


Hard Water Treatment SoluĀ­tions For BusiĀ­nesses



BWT has been working closely with Trinity Heat Care and the Home Care Sector since 2010 in identifying and supplying a range of solutions to treat hard water that is likely to cause limescale related issues in the future.
When asked why Trinity Heat Care decided to work with BWT, Tony Mynard, Managing Director of Trinity Heat Care, made the following statement, “People, generally buy off people, providing the product is the right product. We have always made sure that the product we have asked for suits the application. I have known BWT and their team for a long time now. They [BWT] always give you what you need. For example, they will say, ‘you do not need to that, it is better if you do it this way.’ Even if it is not necessarily what you asked for, they always give you the right advice.”

About the Company

Trinity offers a wide range of services for the commercial sector, from a dedicated response call-out service team to bespoke mechanical and electrical design and installation projects.
I lean on BWT because I’m not a water specialist. Although my team and I are quite technical in terms of installation, we do not specialise in water treatment solutions. A lot of the time, I would not know which bit of kit would be appropriate for an installation, without speaking to BWT first. Customers rely on me to deliver the correct solution for them. In the same way, I rely on BWT, to deliver the correct solution for me. In all the years that I have worked with them, I have never had the wrong solution off BWT.”- Tony Mynard, Managing Director

The Challenge

Limescale in water can cause boilers, water heaters, washing machines, showerheads and pipework to scale up and limit the efficiency of the hot water system. Maintenance costs also increase, as showerheads and taps need descaling on a regular basis especially in the care home environment.

The Approach

BWT manufacture and supply a large range of industrial and commercial water treatment equipment including base exchange commercial water softeners, physical water conditioners, ultraviolet sterilizers and filtration to name a few.
In the last nine years Trinity Heat Care have successfully fitted a wide range of BWT industrial & commercial water treatments products into a number of prestigious Care Home organisations throughout the UK.
Tony Mynard confirmed that one such example where this two-way relationship worked well was when they had experienced problems with recently installed Mikrofill hot water generators scaling up. BWT for their part made sure that Trinity Heat Care was aware of all the options by giving, Tony and his team, a detailed explanation of each solution and any implications that their adoption might cause in the future.

The Solution : BWT AQA Total

Two product groups have consistently proved to be beneficial to the Care Homes especially in protecting and extending the life of water heaters.

One of the products is the BWT AQA Total. A patented range of physical water conditioners that permanently conditions the water so the limescale is held in suspension once it passes through a cartridge system. The unit is WRAS approved, so it can be installed on either a complete mains supply or the hot water services.

The other is BWT’s extensive range of domestic and commercial water softeners, which completely remove the minerals that cause limescale. These minerals, typically calcium and magnesium are removed when hard water passes through a resin bed, once exhausted the bed is regenerated automatically using an accurately controlled brine solution. This provides softened water, which eliminates limescale, and offers further cost saving for the Care Home by reducing the amount of soaps, shampoo and detergents used throughout the facility. Softened water is not recommended for drinking in the UK and so should only be used to supply taps not used for drinking.

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