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Owing to its natural composition, water that comes directly from the tap can often only be used in a small number of cases for dental applications without further treatment. In the dental industry, the bar is constantly being raised with respect to the quality of water required to meet increasing health standards and protection afforded to specialist and delicate equipment.

The quality standards for the water used can be extremely variable, depending on the application requiring modern water treatment solutions to be flexible, reliable, cost effective and sustainable. Standards in many of our key market segments are particularly high including those in laboratories, the pharmaceutical, dental industry, optical processes and the food and drinks sector.

BWT has spent years designing, building and supplying successful water treatment systems for dental practices across the UK. System based solutions often rely on a combination of off the shelf products, bespoke elements engineered to meet the needs of individual customers, and the wealth of BWT’s knowledge.

Here you can find a selection of case studies from a variety of dental practices working with BWT. BWT is committed to supplying not only the Best Water Treatment, but we are also committed to providing the best possible after sales service. All our staff are trained to a high standard and can provide you with the necessary information and advice to make the right choice for your own water treatment needs.

Each individual study focuses on the important work carried out by our teams, with detailed references to our water treatment products. From our softeners to reverse osmosis filtration, the case studies delve into BWT’s comprehensive range of products. The studies also explore how our products use a mixture of traditional and modern materials and state of the art technology to provide water treatment solutions suitable for a wide range of applications. Including, the protection of dental equipment and the overall improvement of drinking water quality.

BWT works hard to ensure that relationships between the company and client are built through trust and an understanding of our customers’ needs and wants. We take pride in our work to help build a strong and long lasting partnerships.

Dover Priory Dental Practice

We offer solutions for the entire clinic, autoclaves and dental units. Whatever your requirements are, the flexibility and compact nature of our systems mean they can be configured to meet your needs. Whether your objective is to save money, time or space choosing the right products can help you achieve those goals simply and cost effectively. 
Dover Priory Dental Practice Case Study
Dover Priory Dental Practice

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