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BWT dentistry case study Dover Priory Dental Practice BWT case study dentistry - Dover Priory Dental Practice

BWT & Dover Priory Dental Practice

High Purity Water

High Purity Water Distillers For Dental Clinics

Problem to be solved:

For the team at Dover Priory Dental Practice, hard water is a problem. They run a busy and friendly practice in Dover town centre and find the local tap water creates some real problems in the decontamination room.

To maintain their high standards, they use high quality equipment, but Kent tap water is not kind to their autoclaves or their washer disinfector.

To ensure their Autoclaves ran efficiently and effectively, they historically had to run them using expensive (eco-damaging) bottled water. While the washer disinfector often left irritating white marks on hand instruments that needed to be laboriously polished away before sterilisation.

About the Company

Dover Priory Dental Practice was established in 1928, providing private dental services for the local community.

Since 2016, the practice has been owned and managed by Dr Dorothy Riley and has undergone significant updates to ensure it continues to provide the best possible dental care to new and existing patients.

“Yes! We are very, very pleased with the results and the service from BWT. We now have unlimited High Purity water from a tap and no more spots on the hand instruments to polish away – it is a complete success for us! Thank you BWT UK.” Hollie Potter, The Practice Manager

How we became involved:

The Practice Principal, Dr Dorothy Riley attended a Trade event at Olympia in September 2021 and briefly met the BWT UK team there. BWT are a global water technology company with speciality solutions for most ‘working water’ applications.

In the Northern European Dental Market BWT are well recognised by both manufacturers and Practices for their expertise, and the UK team are now offering these proven solutions in the UK.

Pleased with what she saw, a meeting was arranged for after the event, with Chris Hobbs (BWT UK Sales Director). Dorothy explained the issues the practice faced in more detail and armed with a better understanding Chris was able to discuss the various options available to them. Liking what she heard a follow up site meeting was arranged, during which the practice was keen to know:

  • Is there a money-back, satisfaction guarantee? - YES
  • Can you give us zero TDS water on demand? - YES
  • Is your solution eco-friendly? - YES
  • Will you save us money? -YES
  • Can you protect both the autoclaves AND the washer disinfector? - YES

Whilst the existing method of using bottled water meant the autoclaves worked, it did bring with it other issues. Like where to store the water, manual handling issues moving the water around, what to do about missed deliveries and of course cost. With a typical cost of a 20L bottle at around £12-£14 with delivery charges on top it was proving an expensive choice.

How we solved the issue:

The BWT team fully aware of the situation had a free onsite consultation with the Dental practice and suggested a High Purity L water system with the ROC 14 self-contained RO at its heart. The BWT High Purity System L with a ‘polishing’ bestdemin cartridge was fitted in less than a morning and provided Dover Priory Dental with access of up to 80L of free flowing purified water per day direct from the dedicated tap supplied and a projected financial saving of around 30-40% per year.

Benefits to customer’s business:

As well as freeing up valuable staff time, the inline TDS monitor that comes with the system, gives live readings of the water purity at the touch of a button, which saves time on dip testing. The High Purity System L is compact, flexible and the cartridges are ‘lightbulb simple’ for staff to change. As it’s connected to multiple appliances including the autoclave and the washing sanitiser, it prevents deposits on instruments (hand pieces) that nurses would normally have to polish off before putting them into the autoclave. The ability to monitor water quality via the professional App and a handy flow meter to measure the remaining cartridge capacity coupled with its modular nature also makes the solution perfect should the needs of the practice change in the future.

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