AQA drink 15
AQA drink 15

AQA drink 15 HCA

Plumbed In Water Dispenser

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  • Choose from hot, cold or chilled water
  • Water bottle friendy fill area
  • Environmentally friendly power saving modes
  • Push button temperature selection
  • Auto Ozonation
  • Large practical drip tray
  • Cup storage cupboard
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AQA drink 15
AQA drink 15

Product details


The AQA drink 15 is a modern and versa­tile water cooler, its clean lines, touch button program­ming, easy to use controls and three water options (hot, cold and ambient) make it ideally suited to modern homes and offices.

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Full instal­la­tion and sani­ti­sa­tion pack­ages avail­able to ensure your water dispencer is main­tained in tip top condi­tion, leaving it hygeni­cally clean and ready to use so that you can simply enjoy the conve­nience and taste.


Sports bottle friendly dispensing area
Large open filling area and concealed taps make the AQA drink 15 ideal for sports bottles

LED display
Front facing LED display for programming and clear operational data like temperature and time

3 easy to us dispensing buttons
Clearly marked, easy to use one-handed, and saftey feature on the Hot 'tap'

water cooler
water cooler

Technical details

Product features

Number of users 20
Still Water Yes
Chilled water Yes
Sparkling water No
Hot water Yes
Water delivery chilled /sparkling (l/h) -
Water delivery still ambient (l/h) > 100 l/h
Water delivery hot (l/h) 6 l/h
Water temperature hot (°C) 93 °C
Mains voltage (V/Hz) 220 - 240 /50 socket
Dimensions (W X H X D) (cm) 32 X 109.8 X 38.2
Dispensing height (cm) 27
Dimensions (W X H X D) (cm) 32 X 109.8 X 38.2
Model Number AQA drink 15
Style Floor Standing
AQA drink 15

AQA drink 15 HCA

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