AQA therm MOVE
AQA therm MOVE
AQA therm MOVE
AQA therm MOVE


Protection for heating systems

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Item number: 12843
  • Ideal economical and environmentally friendly solution for generating perfect heating water
  • Functions without electricity
  • Easy handling
  • High capacity (80 m³ at 20°dH – guaranteed)
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Heat you can rely on

AQA therm MOVE – a dynamic addition to the market for heating system filling solutions

The new AQA therm MOVE supplies heating systems with perfect heating water without additives. The economical and environmentally friendly filling system provides efficient protection for heating systems and ensures sustainability thanks to the low-sodium water in accordance with VDI 2035.

  • Save up to 1,000 litres of mixed bed resin for generating 80 m³ of filling water at 20°dH
  • Reduce the workload by 40-60x for replacing the resin
  • Protect the environment and the heating system thanks to perfect, natural heating water without additives
  • Make the job of filling heating systems truly mobile (no electricity required, easy membrane replacement, mobile complete unit)
    (can be used for all certificates granted by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB))

Equipment and accessories at a glance:

  • Mobile unit with rollers
  • 2x membranes
  • Water meter


  • Analysis case
  • Pressure-dependent shut-off (filling fitting)
  • Fine filter
  • AQA therm HES filling adapter

Technical details

Product features

Item number 12843
Ambient temperature °C 5 - 40
Concentrate connection mm 8 (hose connection)
Height / depth / width mm 537 / 225 / 337
Membran capacity (2 pcs.) at 20° dH 80.000 l
Minimum salt retention rate % 95
Permeate capacity at 15°C l/h 130 (3bar) - 220 (5bar) max. 30° dH/1000 μS/cm
Permeate connection DN 20 (¾'' AG)
Raw water connection DN 20 (¾'' AG)
Raw-water pressure bar 2,0 - 6,0
Max water Temperature °C 5-25
Yield % 45 - 50
AQA therm MOVE


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