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test kit
test kit

BWT Water Hardness Test Kit

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  • Simple and convenient to use
  • Kit contains: Test tube and reagent
  • One drop = 10 parts per million of total hardness
  • Test tube can be simply washed under the tap
  • Suitable for multiple tests
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water hardness test kit
water hardness test kit

Product details


A simple to use at home hard water test kit that comes complete with reagent and handy test tube in handy storage box. The water hard­ness level is measured by adding the reagent one drop at a time to a sample of your tap water until it changes colour. The hard­ness is then calcu­lated by counting the number of drops used. The results can then be used for confirming the hardness of your local tap water, setting up a water soft­ener or water filtra­tion system. Each kit is supplied with enough reagent for multiple tests.

More information

The table on the side of the box will allow you to inter­pret your results and to know if a BWT soft­ener is desir­able, neces­sary or indis­pens­able. The reagent is not dangerous and requires no specialist storage condi­tions.


Fast Delivery
Delivery normally takes place within 2-3 working days

Easy to use
Simply count the drops to obtain your water's hardness

Safe and Effective
The reagent is not dangerous and requires no specialist storage conditions

Technical details

Product features

Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 55 x 87 x 35
Weight (kg) 0,03
water hardness test kit

BWT Water Hardness Test Kit

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