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Water with a purpose.


Our consul­ta­tive approach means we listen to you and the needs of your busi­ness before suggesting the solu­tion we think is right for you. Our water dispensers, coolers, boilers and drinking water taps are perfect for deliv­ering fresh drinking water in the most conve­nient way wher­ever you need it. Search our range here

Our expe­ri­ence of deliv­ering work­place drinking water solu­tions spans over 22 years. During which time we have worked with various large busi­nesses, small inde­pen­dent retailers and many more in between. Find out more about us here

As one of Europe’s leading water tech­nology compa­nies we are proud of our envi­ron­mental goals and our mission to Change the world Sip by Sip. We believe small changes, when added together, make a real differ­ence.

Our Bottle Free Zones initia­tive was created to help reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles that end up in our oceans. Talk to us today, to discuss the best coolers, filters and ancil­laries to support your sustain­ability objec­tives.

Taste Matters

At BWT, we realise taste matters, so we offer all our customers who choose a plumbed in water dispenser the oppor­tu­nity to upgrade their water, to Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water. Beau­ti­fully filtered water, that we enrich with essen­tial minerals like Magne­sium to deliver the perfect mineral content and a prac­tical neutral pH value. Resulting in a high-​quality drinking water for you, your colleagues, staff and visi­tors without the need for single use plastic bottles. Contact us for more infor­ma­tion

Change the World, Sip by Sip


Changing the world sip by sip is a philosophy that recognises that  as individuals, and individual companies  the differences we make might be very small, but when you add all those ‘Sips’ and individual efforts together, we believe it is possible to change the world ‘Sip by Sip’.  An important part of that philosophy is our determination to provide the best local drinking water wherever it is needed through innovative technologies, mineralisation and simple but effective filtration.

Reducing the need for water to be transported by road, sea or air saves energy, reduces pollution and reduces the need for single use plastic bottles. Creating a Bottle Free Zone at work or home is a simple way you can help us to change the world Sip by Sip. Switching to a drinking water dispenser or a filtered water tap  means you can still enjoy great tasting water and Say NO to water in single use plastic bottles.

Bottle Free Zones are just one way that you can help us to Change the World Sip by Sip. Our water treatment technologies allows us to optimise local water for a whole range of uses, in the home, at work or on the move. Water that makes fantastic coffee while protecting your coffee machine from scale. Water for protecting heating systems without the use of chemicals and water for specialists like dentists and Chefs.  As well as water for industry and commerce.  Each solution developed so you can use local water safely and economically, each solution helping  you to help us change the world Sip by Sip.

At BWT, sustainability and Planet Blue is at the heart of everything we do, from the simple things; like reducing plastic packaging, and changing to LED lighting. It also drives us to look at better ways of working, reducing waste and developing new technologies. Now you can help us make a difference every time you choose to use a BWT optimised local water solution. 

By working with you, our partners and customers across the globe, we are each doing our bit to reduce plastic waste, pollution, food miles and energy and we can change the world Sip by Sip.


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Bottle Free Zone


Creating a bottle free zone has never been easier. Switching to a BWT Water dispenser is the perfect solution to supplying great tasting  magnesium mineralized water at work or in the home, without the need to buy drinking water in single use plastic bottles. 

With high quality water on tap  (no strange tastes  or odours) colleagues or family members may soon start to wonder why they ever bought water in single use plastic bottle in the first place.

Our water coolers and water dispensers are available in a wide range of sizes which have been designed and developed to meet the ever changing needs of today’s business organisations. With models that sit discreetly in the corner, to those that make a statement about who you are as a business. Each cooler, dispenser or hot water boiler is perfect for kick starting your very own bottle free zone. 

To support the bottle free zone we are happy to supply a range of eco– friendly ancillaries including fully  recyclable cups , chemical free sanitising and  sports bottles and flasks.

At BWT we recognise the need for water on the move and whole heartedly support the use of multi-use sports bottles and flasks as the most convenient way to take your favourite water or beverage with you whilst on the move. 

 As more and more people join us on our mission to change the world sip by sip by creating a bottle free zone, the more the infrastructure for water delivery is changing too. Water refill points are becoming more common and can now be found in stations , public areas, and shops. People being able to refill their bottle easily  weakens the argument for the single use alternative and means less plastic  waste.

If as a business or organisation you are considering  offering this facility within your premises or estate please talk to us about our range of bespoke public water dispensing solutions.

Creating a bottle free zone whether in your office or across the whole of your business is a perfect way to make a difference and to reduce the number of plastic bottles ending up in our oceans and hedgerows. When you are ready to make a start, please talk  to us and we will be happy to help you every step of the way, from choosing the right water cooler or dispenser, to wall posters that explain why a bottle free zone  is a brilliant way to help us all change the world sip by sip.


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Everything You Expect + More



Our price promise means you will never pay more than you need for our services. We compare our prices and costs regularly with those in the market to ensure they are fair and competitive. Should you find a lower price for the same products or level of service outside of a promotional offer our experienced team are always happy to discuss the situation and work with you to deliver the very best value for money


You can trust us to deliver on our promises, our customer facing customer service team are friendly, approachable and flexible. We will always strive to ensure you have the most up to date information about your forthcoming delivery. That the order matches your needs and where ever possible can be amended up to 24 hours before dispatch. Our delivery teams are reliable and knowledgeable and will do their very best to ensure your on site needs are met when ever they can.

The Right Products and Attitude

At BWT we understand each business is different and can have very different needs. Our experience is extensive in helping companies both large and small to choose the right drinking water solution for their business. We are equally happy to advise on a single or multi-site solution, from the simplest of bottled water dispensers to the latest state of the art front of house dispensing solution. As an accredited member of the Water Dispenser and Hydration association (WHA), you will be assured to know we only offer our customers the highest standards of quality, safety and hygiene and that our own business ethos coincides with the values of the WHA.

the right product

Nationwide Delivery

The UK is a pretty big place and we are happy to say we deliver to most of it. Our strategically located depots and satellites have been positioned to ensure our customers receive the service they deserve. Whilst our state of the art systems ensure that deliveries are made cost effectively to ensure you of a great service and price.
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Excellent Customer Service

Our Customer Service Team is not a thinly veiled sales team but a dedicated group of real people focused on ensuring your account runs as it should. Patient, friendly and knowledgeable they are there to help. So if you value the personal touch on those occasions you need to call us you won’t be disappointed .
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Help me choose

How many people will need to use the dispenser?

We normally recommend that a standard bottled water dispenser is suitable for between 4 and 12 people this will vary depending the type of water being drawn off (Hot, cold, ambient for example) Where as a plumbed in unit will easily cope with up to 20 regular users of cold water

Do you have easy access to main quality drinking water we can tap into?

If the answer is yes then it might be worth taking to us about a plumbed in unit. If not the one of our bottled water dispensers could be perfect requiring just access to a mains wall socket

Do you want to make hot drinks from the water you dispenser?

If the answer is yes then one of our Hot and Cold dispensers could be the perfect solution. The hot water is ideal for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and some soups. However in a busy office where there is frequent demand for hot drinks you might be better suited to a compact table top boiler. If you need more information. One of our sales advisors will be happy to help.

Are your premises accessible to delivery vehicles during the working day?

Many of our clients face parking restriction or limited access making the delivery of bottles difficult. In these circumstances a plumbed in cooler could be the answer. Fitted with a high quality filter, you, your staff and visitors can still enjoy Magnesium mineralized water without the need for a bottle

Are you looking to place the dispenser in a public area?

If your dispensers are likely to be subject to a variety of users in a public space a touchless plumbed in cooler might provide you with extra peace of mind when it come to hygiene. Automatically operated and concealed dispensing nozzles make them idea for this environment.

Will your dispenser be subject to a rough and tumble environment like in a busy corridor or in a workshop?

Talk to us about heavy duty coolers with steel or stainless steel cabinets, securing brackets and push button operation. All designed to provide you with a durable dispensing solution.

Do you need your dispenser need to make a statement maybe in your reception area?

A BWT AQA 40 or 60 is perfect for you easily connected to an existing drinking water supply they will not only look good but supply to with copious amounts of cold, ambient, hot and or sparkling water at the touch of a button.

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