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About the Company

FM Conway was estab­lished in 1961 and is a leading family-​run infra­struc­ture services company that is passion­ately committed to deliv­ering vital services in trans­porta­tion, the built envi­ron­ment and open spaces for commu­ni­ties and busi­ness.

Their strategy is to deliver the infra­struc­ture services to support, develop and main­tain the UK’s vital trans­port networks, built envi­ron­ment and public realm. Unique in their field, FM Conway self-​delivers a broad scope of services, contin­u­ally devel­oping capa­bility across the entire asset life cycle; from initial plan­ning and design through to mate­rial produc­tion, phys­ical construc­tion and ongoing main­te­nance.

The Journey of FM Conway

As FM Conway had machines already in place and a large number of sites - 24 in total involving 94 water coolers. They needed a supplier that was able to cover their whole estate geographically whilst servicing the contract with efficient water deliveries and a high level of service. The differing nature of each site, which ranged from prestigious city centre offices to temporary building sites, meant that one product solution wasn’t appropriate. BWT’s wide range of different coolers and dispensing solutions allowed BWT to work with them to propose and deliver a targeted but diverse range of possible solutions at each site. 

The Challenge

Due to failures by their incumbent water services supplier, FM Conway had a need to replace the supplier and all their existing water coolers.

The Solu­tion:

A compet­i­tively priced range of water dispenser solu­tions tailored to the needs of each site, client satis­fac­tion in the process and final delivery of the project. Both parties also bene­fitted from a free flow of infor­ma­tion throughout thanks to the use of multiple personal contact points.

This ensured that the client had easy access to the projects progress even at busy times.  As part of the final solu­tion offer­ings, BWT put together and commu­ni­cated a schedule for the deliv­eries to happen and agreed to discon­nect the existing coolers for them. BWT reacted posi­tively when things didn’t quite go to plan, which FM Conway mentioned “on a project of this size is under­stand­able” and “any that did occur were dealt with quickly”.

Water Coolers BWT Water Coolers BWT

FM Conway

FM Conway also commented that “4 weekly deliv­eries of bottled water are proceeding well, all coolers are of good quality, invoices are correct each month and are easily cleared for payment. Changes to require­ments are dealt with in a timely manner as well as any break­downs.”

With the new instal­la­tion of coolers within different sites, FM Conway have fulfilled their busi­ness hydra­tion needs. BWT continues to have regular commu­ni­ca­tion with FM Conway to ensure their rela­tion­ship remains strong and they remain happy, and if any issues were to occur they are confi­dent BWT would deal with them swiftly.

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