How do I apply correctly?

Here you can find out more about the contents of an application and we have also prepared a few tips for your job interview.
Bewerbungstipps für Lehrlinge Bewerbungstipps für Lehrlinge

Application tips for job starters

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Apply successfully

With the creation of your application documents you make the first step into your professional life. Every application can be designed individually, but there are certain contents that every application should contain.

Important documents for your application

The letter of application

Write to us in a personal letter, which training you are applying for. Tell us more about your interests and possibly also about your first professional experiences (e.g. internships). And of course we are also interested to know why you are the right trainee for BWT.

The curriculum vitae

Clearly summarize the essential information about your person.

Important contents are:

  • recent photograph
  • full name
  • Address, telephone number and e-mail address
  • special knowledge (foreign languages, computer skills)
  • Educational paths and first work experience (school education and projects, internships and taster days)
  • Interests and hobbies
Schüler sitzen am Schreibtisch
Schüler sitzen am Schreibtisch

The job interview

Congratulations! The first step is made when you are invited for an interview. Here are a few tips on how to best prepare for it.
  • Inform yourself about the company before the interview.
  • Make sure that you look well-groomed and wear clean clothes in which you feel comfortable.
  • Be on time for the job interview!
  • Think about possible answers to particularly tricky questions at homen:
    • What are your strengths and where can you already use them?
    • Why are you interested in an apprenticeship at BWT?
    • Why are you exactly the right person for BWT?

And most important of all: Be yourself and give honest answers!

Worth knowing about the training at BWT

BWT headquartes in Mondsee BWT als Arbeitgeber
BWT als Arbeitgeber
Wissenswertes über BWT als Arbeitgeber.

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