BWT Perla Tabs subscription

Simple and convenient

This practical subscription service from BWT means the Perla tabs will be automatically and quickly delivered directly to your home.
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BWT Perla Tabs subscription


Simple and convenient

A familiar problem. You usually only think of buying regenerating agent when the product has run out or the device is displaying a warning. The practical subscription service from BWT means this will no longer be possible in the future. Simply select the BWT Perla Tabs subscription and we will take care of the rest. The Perla tabs are automatically delivered to your home in good time. We offer maximum flexibility and you can adjust, pause or end your subscription at any time.

The advantages of the subscription service

Products with the BWT subscription service

You can benefit from the BWT subscription service for the following products.

How does the BWT subscription service work?

Step 1: Select a product

You will find a BWT Perla Tabs button and a corresponding subscription option in the shop.
Perla Tabs

BWT Perla Tabs subscription

Fully automatic ordering via BWT Perla is a special form of BWT subscription. You don't need to set a delivery interval - your BWT Perla will determine the intervals individually.

The BWT Perla soft water system monitors the level of the regenerating salt all by itself. Even before the salt supply runs out, the system orders a new pack of two handy 10 kg bags of Perla tabs using the Internet connection, registration and active subscription. You don't have to lift a finger. Deliveries are always on time and right to your doorstep. This helps you keep your car and clothes clean. It also saves your back.


  • Automatic monitoring of the salt level by BWT Perla
  • Timely delivery directly to your home
  • Free shipping!
  • More time for the important things in life
  • No troublesome trips to the shops or heavy loads to carry

Frequently asked questions

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