Pure Plea­sure From The Water Dispenser

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Refreshing water from the water dispenser with the best taste and highest stan­dards of hygiene – this is what the filter systems BWT best­care and BWT best­drink PREMIUM with Magne­sium from BWT water+more stand for.
They have been specially devel­oped for cold water dispensers.

Special filter systems from BWT Water + More for deli­ciously fresh water. 

Water dispensers with a mains water supply are part of the stan­dard equip­ment in numerous compa­nies. Employees can pour their thirst quenchers them­selves in coffee kitchens and canteens – still or sparkling, chilled or non-​chilled. “To make sure that only the best water with an outstanding taste reaches drinking glasses, we recom­mend opti­mising raw water with our special filter systems for cold water dispensers. They reduce substances that impair taste, add minerals to the water and ensure that it is hygien­i­cally flaw­less,” says Dr. Frank Neuhausen, Managing Director of BWT water+more Deutsch­land GmbH. 

Water Dispenser
Water Dispenser
Women drinking coffee
Women drinking coffee

Connois­seur water with a mineral note

Pure plea­sure, sip by sip with a light mineral note. The filter system BWT best­drink PREMIUM, which provides balanced miner­al­iza­tion in inline water dispensers using BWT magne­sium tech­nology, creates the highest sensory quality. In addi­tion, thanks to inte­grated active carbon, BWT best­drink PREMIUM removes unwanted parti­cles, off-​flavour elements and chlo­rine taste. 

BWT best­care 10, the germ catcher in the filter family from BWT water+more, perfectly protects water dispensers from bacteria – pure water with the best taste, highest hygiene stan­dards and safety is guar­an­teed. The inte­grated pre-​filtra­tion with a unique combi­na­tion of depth filtra­tion and active carbon removes suspended solids, parti­cles and unwanted foreign odours or tastes from the water. An ultra-​​​​​​​filtra­tion membrane is also highly effi­cient at removing bacteria and parti­cles, the finest suspended solids and microplas­tics from the water.

The space-​​​​​​​saving filter systems BWT best­drink PREMIUM and BWT best­care are easy to use and can be simply installed using the universal BWT best­head FLEX connec­tion tech­nology.

BWT warm BWT bestcare 10
BWT warm BWT bestcare 10

The germ catcher of the filler systems from BWT Water + More: BWT best­care 10.

BWT bestdrink cartridge warm
bestdrink premium

Supplies deli­ciously fresh connois­seur water with a light mineral note: BWT best­drink PREMIUM.

Cold water dispensers equipped with the special filter systems BWT best­care 10 and BWT best­drink PREMIUM supply deli­ciously fresh connois­seur water.

cup of water bwt

Refreshing plea­sure: Water from Water dispensers that use the filter systems BWT best­care and BWT best­drink Premium.

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