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Beautiful skin and hair tips
BWT Beautiful skin and hair tips
If skin and hair are dry and brittle, it may not be because of the wrong care - but the water. We explain why softening your water is a real beauty insider tip for silky hair and softer skin and how you can save some of your care products - and money - in the future.

It's all about the water

Our skin comes into contact with water every day, be it when we’re show­ering, washing our hands or rinsing. Having prolonged contact with water can have an effect on your skin and hair, espe­cially if it’s hard water. A study by the Univer­sity of Copen­hagen1 suggests that frequent washing can make your hair feel dry and can cause your skin to become irri­tated. King College London also confirmed that skin irri­ta­tion, espe­cially in small chil­dren, is asso­ci­ated with hard water 2

Why can hard water be prob­lem­atic?

Hard water favours dry skin and neuro­der­matitis. The more calcareous the water, the harder it is. As such limescale is not only deposited on fittings and shower walls, but also on the skin, which can make it feel dry and flaky.

Once the skin is dry, it cracks easily. Fine parti­cles of dirt can pene­trate the skin through the cracks. At the same time, the limescale on the skin ensures that care prod­ucts can no longer pene­trate the skin layers. The result: more care is required to soothe the irri­tated skin.

Skin diseases are also favoured by hard water. A study by King's College London2 showed that atopic dermatitis occurs in young chil­dren espe­cially in areas with high water hard­ness. Other studies also show that eczema and neuro­der­matitis are asso­ci­ated with hard water. A study by Sheffield Univer­sity3 in England indi­cates that hard water can destroy the protec­tive skin barrier, aggra­vate existing eczema and promote the devel­op­ment of eczema in healthy people.

Hair also suffers from calcareous water. Hard water can cause limescale insol­uble salts to remain on the hair4 which as a result, makes your hair feel dry, makes it harder to comb through after washing, arti­fi­cial hair colours fade faster and your hair overall loses its shine.

Those who live in soft water regions consider them­selves lucky. Over 60% of the UK live with varying degrees of hard water, but there is still a surprising number of us who are not aware of the differ­ences between hard and soft water and the impact they can have on our daily lives.


Softened water makes your skin softer and hair shinier

Softened water cleanses more gently and supports the well-being of the skin. Care products can then easily penetrate stressed areas of the skin and protect against limescale. With softened water, your hair also uses less shampoo and treatments to become shiny and silky, whilst, the colour shines for longer. Plus, your skin feels significantly softer. Softened water can help you save money as you will no longer need to spend more money on hair and skin care products.

Luxury Water soft­eners soften hard water

BWT Luxury Water Soft­eners remove up to 60 kilo­grams of limescale per year in an average single-​family home. You can see and feel the differ­ence! The water that has flowed through the Luxury Water system leaves fewer traces of limescale and is gentler on skin and hair. A water soft­ener works by passing hard water through a cylinder containing ion exchange resin. The resin consists of tiny beads that attract and retain the hard­ness minerals, allowing the now soft­ened water into your house­hold water supply. Peri­od­i­cally, these resin beads are auto­mat­i­cally cleaned and regen­er­ated by rinsing with a small amount of brine (a salt solu­tion). All this takes place auto­mat­i­cally, all that remains for you to do is occa­sion­ally top up with salt. Please, see the video below for more infor­ma­tion:

BWT WS Range
BWT WS Series
How a water softener works - BWT Luxury Water®

Softened water not only makes skin and hair look and feel better but is also beneficial for household appliances. Limescale attacks household appliances, like the washing machine and dishwasher, leaves traces on all fittings in the house, clogs pipes and shortens the service life of water-carrying devices. Luxury water systems not only ensure softer skin and shinier hair, but also help protect against the build-up of limescale throughout your home.


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