drinking water kit
drinking water kit

RBK Duplex Drinking Water Systems

with 2 cartridges for enhanced performance

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  • Two cartridge drinking water filter system system
  • Simple installation via push-fit couplings and food grade tubing
  • The combined filters remove particulate matter down to 1 micron
  • Removes cryptosporidium, giardia and many other cysts
  • Can significantly reduce levels of bacteria
  • Short reach touch flow tap and full fitting kit included
  • Standard 10" filter housings can accept a wide range of alternative filters
  • Convenient and environmentally friendly - say no to single use plastic bottles
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drinking water kit
drinking water kit

Product details


This advanced duplex drinking water system is supplied with two high quality drinking water filter cartridges. Installing two filters in tandem enable the duplex systems from BWT to tackle multiple filtra­tion require­ments quickly and easily. Ideal for filtering potable water supplies to remove unwated elements where they exist. The short reach dedi­cated drinking water tap fits along­side an existing Kitchen tap and is perfect for filling glasses, kettles and saucepans. The system is supplied with a full fitting kit including; Self piercing valve, push fit fittings and food grade tube designed to make instal­lation simple and straight forward.


More infor­ma­tion

The drinking water system is supplied with two stan­dard high quality drinking water cartridge that will remove or reduce:

  • Sedi­ment removal
  • Bad tastes and odours
  • Organic Chem­icals
  • Pesti­cides
  • Bacteria

The 10" filter hous­ings also provides the user with option to upgrade their filter choice at a later date and will happily accom­ma­date all stan­dard 10" filter cartridges

  • Stan­dard 10" filter housing and easily fits under most kitchen sinks and connects to a dedi­cated touch flow tap
  • Easy bowl removal with specialist filter bowl wrench supplied 

Say No to single use plas­tics - with clear and odour less water straight from the tap

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drinking water kit

Duplex Drinking Water Systems

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