AQUAlizer Station
AQUAlizer Station
AQUAlizer Station
AQUAlizer Station
AQUAlizer Station
AQUAlizer Station
AQUAlizer Station
AQUAlizer Station
AQUAlizer Station
AQUAlizer Station
AQUAlizer Station
AQUAlizer Station

Aqualizer station incl. 1 Filter cartridge

Table water filter with manual changeover indicator

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Item number: 125252562
  • ENRICHED FILTER WATER TECHNOLOGY: Supplements regular tap water with magnesium and purifies the taste
  • PERFORMANCE IN SPORTS: Magnesium boosts performance in athletic activities

  • PROTECTION: Ensures there is optimal protection against limescale for your appliances

  • TASTE: It becomes a perfect ingredient for tea and coffee preparation, as well as in everyday cooking

  • DELIVERY: Table water filter AQUAlizer Station 1 l incl. 1 magnesium filter cartridges and glass carafe incl. lid
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Sophis­ti­cated aesthetics and tech­nology are brought into your home with the new BWT Aqual­izer Station. This station uses the unique BWT water filter tech­nology to trans­form your local tap water into deli­cious, magnesium-​​supple­mented drinking water.

Easily refill

With the remov­able lid you can easily fill up the tank under all common taps.

Cartridge change

The Aqual­izer Station gives you an overview of when the filter cartridge needs to be changed (roughly every 30 days) by its manual display on the inside of the lid.

Filter cartridge and glass carafe

The magne­sium water filter and glass carafe trans­forms your tap water. Its unique filter tech­nology creates optimum limescale protec­tion for your kitchen appli­ances.

All BWT filter cartridges are compat­ible with the Aqual­izer Station.

Water Filter Tech­nology

In the history of filter devel­op­ment, BWT’s multi-​​​stage filtering process of Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water filter cartridge is a mile­stone achieve­ment. The water’s coarse impu­ri­ties content is decreased and parti­cles are trapped through our fine fabric filter. The ion exchanger replaces calcium ions, and heavy metal content, with magne­sium ions. This effec­tively protects house­hold appli­ances against limescale.

bwt water filter jug

Magnesium enriched

Magne­sium is an essen­tial mineral for human beings, however our bodies are not capable of producing it natu­rally. The normal daily require­ment is approx. 300mg however this can change and be higher in various situ­a­tions such as stress. Making sure to incor­po­rate magne­sium into our food and drink daily is very impor­tant.

drinking water

Design and convenience

The BWT AQUAl­izer Station allows for easy conve­nience in drinking filtered water. Tap water becomes more mineral enriched and tastier, supple­mented with the stylish glass carafe that acts as a deco­ra­tive element in the home.

cup of water on table bwt


Regular bottled water often must be trans­ported over long distances before it is reached by its consumer. The alter­na­tive is to use local tap water. BWT refines its water on site to reduce unnec­es­sary miles and ulti­mately reduce CO2 emis­sions – helping to fight against climate change. By using BWT’s Magne­sium Miner­al­ized water, you are reducing the use of dispos­able plastic bottles. This is a small step we can all take in combat­ting a big envi­ron­ment issue for our world’s oceans.

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Technical details

Product features

Item number 125252562
Filtered water capacity 1 l
Total capacity 1 l
Filter change indicator Manuell
Scope of delivery 1 Station 1 Cartridge
Dimensions (W x H x D) 11,3 x 27,8 x 25,2
Dimensions (W x H x D) 11_5 x 26_4 x 28_7 cm


AQUAlizer Station

Aqualizer station incl. 1 Filter cartridge

BWT quality

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