drinking water kit
drinking water kit

Liff In line drinking water kit with Limescale reduction

Slim - line Drinking Water Kit

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  • Space Saving design easily installed under sink
  • Self contained filter no need for separate housing
  • Ideal for removing bad tastes and odour and reducing limescale
  • Touch Flow short reach dedicated drinking water tap
  • Quick and easy to change cartridges
  • Full fitting kit supplied
  • Convenient and environmentally friendly - say no to single use plastic bottles
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drinking water kit
drinking water kit

Product details


A simple to install, prac­tical and effi­cient under sink filter system. Its easy to change filter can be changed without the need for any specialist tools. This entry level drinking water kit bene­fits from an instal­la­tion kit that has been devel­oped to facil­i­tate DIY and profes­sional instal­la­tion and makes use of push-​fit couplings and food grade tubing.

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Designed and devel­oped to reduce limescale and remove the substances that cause bad tastes and odours. Replacing the filter cartridge is easy and requires no special tools. Replace­ment cartridges are avail­able from your local stockist.

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Technical details

Product features

Model Number NRSK
Type of Cartridge In - Line
Cartridge supplied NSK13
Maximum Flow Rate (l/m) 2
Material Polypropylene
Maximum Pressure (bar) 5
Maximum Temperature (°C) 25
Pipe Size (mm) 15/22 copper
Type of Tap Short Reach Touch Flow

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