Wrappa LW2
Wrappa LW2

Wrappa LW2

Electronic Water Conditioner

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  • No need to cut the pipe or disturb any existing plumbing
  • Can be installed on a variety of different pipe sizes
  • Works on any material excluding lead
  • Can help remove existing scale
  • Can help reduce heating bills
  • No maintenance required
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Wrappa LW2
Wrappa LW2

Product details


BWT’s Wrappa is a scale inhibitor, a compact electronic conditioner that uses radio frequencies to alter the characteristics of the hardness minerals in water, preventing them from forming hard to remove scale deposits. When used in a hard water area, BWT’s Wrappa can help extend the life of your household hot water appliances helping you save you money on their running costs and premature repairs.

More information

How does Wrappa prevent limescale build up? These units use very low power elec­trical energy which flows through wires which are wrapped around a pipe and encour­ages some of the dissolved calcium in the water to precip­i­tate as minute seed crys­tals in the water itself. When the water is heated, these ‘seed crys­tals’ attract further scale to them, rather than the metal surfaces around them. The larger crys­tals that result are washed away in the water flow. These devices are simple to install.

Notes: Please do not over tighten fittings or use a pipe wrench on body. Unit must be adequately supported on both sides of the instal­la­tion and correctly aligned to avoid stress to the unit or joint. Protect from frost!


Easy instal­la­tion - No main­te­nance
With no plumbing required and no pipes to be cut or joints to be made, the BWT Wrappa is easy to install and requires zero main­te­nance.

Money Saving
Not only does the BWT Wrappa have the capa­bility to reduce limescale, it can also help keep your heating bills under control.

Protect Appli­ances
Can help protect heating and hot water appli­ances from the effects of limescale - helping to prolong the life of these house­hold appli­ances.

Whole House Protec­tion
As well as protec­tion for single appli­ances the Wrappa can help keep the whole house protected from the build-up of scale.


  • 1 x Scale reducer body
  • 2 Aerial leads with ties
  • Servicing & Main­te­nance

No routine main­te­nance required

Please register your product either online or by calling 01494 838100

Technical details

Product features

Model Number LW2
Dimmensions L x W x H (mm) 150 x 100 x 45
Fuse Rating (A) 3
Maximun Flow Rate (l/s) 0,8
Pipe Size (mm) Up to 35
Power Consumption (W) 3
Wrappa LW2

Wrappa LW2

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