AQA drink Pro 20 HCA
AQA drink Pro 20 HCA
Unterschrank AQA Drink Pro 20 Main 1
AQA Drink Pro 20
Unterschrank AQA Drink Pro 20 Main 3
AQA drink Pro 20 HCA
AQA drink Pro 20 HCA
Unterschrank AQA Drink Pro 20 Main 1
AQA Drink Pro 20
Unterschrank AQA Drink Pro 20 Main 3

BWT AQA drink Pro 20 HCA floor-standing unit

Water dispenser (Hot, Cold & Ambient Water)

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Item number: 826031
  • Compact, mains-connected unit for moderate water consumption (capacity: 20 L/h) UV technology at the water outlet for maximum hygiene
  • Equipped with the Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect Care filter with ultrafiltration membrane for hygienic safety at the water dispenser inlet
  • Mineralises your water with valuable magnesium
  • At the touch of a button you can get still, chilled or hot BWT water
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Product details

AQA drink Pro 20 tabletop unit

The AQA Drink Pro 20 is a powerful plumbed in drinking water dispenser that's ideal for all premises with moderate water consump­tion – from your kitchen at home to an office with up to 20 people. The unit is equipped with 3 water options – still, chilled and sparkling. Its capacity is 20 L/h for chilled/sparkling water. The BWT advanced filter and inte­grated UV tech­nology ensure an enhanced level of hygiene.

Filter cartridge reduces microplas­tics

The Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water Protect Care filter (other filters available) reduces the content in water of substances such as chlo­rine that can lend water an unpleasant odour and/or taste, and heavy metals such as copper, lead and nickel. The water is enriched with magne­sium thanks to BWT’s patented magne­sium tech­nology. The inte­grated ultra­fil­tra­tion membrane keeps up to 99.99% of bacteria at bay and reduces microplas­tics down to 0.001 mm for maximum hygienic safety.

Base cabinet

In the floor-standing version of the AQA drink Pro 20, the base cabinet offers space for the filter and the CO2 bottle. Another advantage is the integrated cup dispenser, which can be used with standard cups that offer a capacity of 180 ml. In addition, an approx. 3-L-capacity waste water tank can be located in the base cabinet.

Safety and service from a single source

With BWT's all-round service in combi­na­tion with the BWT System Hygiene concept you not only get the highest stan­dards of hygiene, but also great-tasting Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water.

BWT all-round service

Perfect personal advice

With the AQA drink Pro 20 you get more than just the unit: an expert from the BWT Customer Service team will personally deliver, set up and commission your unit, and familiarise you with the equipment in detail. Our expert will also show you how to take care of your unit to ensure hygienic operation, no matter whether you're purchasing or renting the unit.

AQA drink Pro 20

BWT all-round safety

3-fold protection that you can rely on

In the BWT System Hygiene concept, sophisticated technology and product solutions work together in perfectly coordinated processes

  • Ultrafiltration membrane in the filter to protect against bacteria and microplastics at the water dispenser inlet.
  • UV technology specified with BWT expertise at the water dispenser outlet for additional disinfection.
  • Clever cleaning and disinfection program: tested, highly effective, easy to use with service cartridge and colour coding, and biodegradable.
AQA drink Pro 20

Technical details

Product features

Item number 826031
Number of users up to 20
Still Water Yes
Chilled water Yes
Sparkling water No
Hot water Yes
Water delivery still ambient (l/h) 20 l/h
Water delivery chilled /sparkling (l/h) 20 l/h
Water temperature chilled 4 - 12 °C
Water delivery hot (l/h) 9 l/h
Water temperature hot (°C) 90 - 95 °C
Dispensing height (cm) 21,5
Mains voltage (V/Hz) 220 - 240 /50 socket
Dimensions (W X H X D) (cm) 23 x 39 x 36 cm
Base unit dimensions (W x H x D) 23 x 80 x 36 cm

Product comparison

AQA drink Pro 20 HCA

BWT AQA drink Pro 20 HCA floor-standing unit



Unterschrank AQA Drink Pro 20 Main 2

BWT AQA drink Pro 20 CAS floor-standing unit

AQA drink Pro 20 HCS

BWT AQA drink Pro 20 HCS floor-standing unit

Number of users up to 20 up to 20 up to 20
Still Water Yes Yes Nein
Chilled water Yes Yes Yes
Sparkling water No Yes Yes
Hot water Yes No Yes
Water delivery still ambient (l/h) 20 l/h 20 l/h -
Water delivery chilled /sparkling (l/h) 20 l/h 20 l/h 20 l/h
Water temperature chilled 4 - 12 °C 4 - 12 °C 4 - 12 °C
Water delivery hot (l/h) 9 l/h - 9 l/h
Water temperature hot (°C) 90 - 95 °C - 90 - 95 °C
Dispensing height (cm) 21,5 21,5 21,5
Mains voltage (V/Hz) 220 - 240 /50 socket 220 - 240 /50 socket 220 - 240 /50 socket
Dimensions (W X H X D) (cm) 23 x 39 x 36 cm 23 x 39 x 36 cm 23 x 39 x 36 cm
Base unit dimensions (W x H x D) 23 x 80 x 36 cm 23 x 80 x 36 cm 23 x 80 x 36 cm
AQA Drink Pro 20 Mood
AQA Drink Pro 20 Mood

Water, only better

With its compact design and installation possibilities as a tabletop or free-standing unit, a suitable place can always be found for the mains-connected AQA drink Pro 20. Depending on what you feel like enjoying, you can have still, chilled or hot water at the push of a button. The model's attractive design and outstanding functionality makes it ideal for use in small offices and waiting areas. The appropriate BWT filter transforms normal water into a delightful taste sensation and gives you energy for the day.
AQA Drink Pro 20 Slider 2

Transform your tap water into an unparalleled taste sensation

A high-​quality water filter for your home is the simplest way to support healthy living. With the water dispenser with filter tech­nology from BWT, you can easily turn tap water into a unique taste sensa­tion – regard­less of whether it’s still, chilled or hot. No tedious bottle hauling, no storage issues in the fridge or pantry, and best of all: no envi­ron­mental pollu­tion caused by empty dispos­able plastic bottles.
AQA Drink Pro 20 Slider 1

The secret to delighting employees, customers and visitors

Whether you’re at the office, or in the showroom or shop, keeping hydrated is vital and encourages your employees to work more effectively and your customers to stay longer. Magnesium is a crucial mineral that helps you build the energy you need for a hard day's work. Thanks to the simple function of the AQA drink water dispenser, you can have pure, great-tasting drinking water directly from the tap at just the touch of a button.
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Frequently asked questions about our water dispensers

What do I do if the supplied AQA drink filter cartridge is broken?

BWT attaches great importance to high quality products. In addition to state-of-the-art production, AQA drink filter cartridges are also subjected to intensive quality tests before they leave the factory.

In excepetional circumstances filters can become damaged during transportation or installation. In such cases the filter should not be used. If the cartridge is delivered damage please notify the carrier immeadiatly and then our own customer service team by calling 01494 838100 pr by emailing [email protected]

Why is it not possible to obtain filtered water?

If the tap on your dispenser is not working please check that the water supply or shut-off valves are open. Check that the AQA drink filter cartridge is fully screwed into the filter head. If this is not the case, remove the AQA drink filter cartridge by half a turn and then screw it back into the filter head as far as it will go. Check that the flow direction and the direction arrow on the filter head match. Flow can only occur if both point in the same direction.

Which variant of CO2 gas can I use to produce sparkling water?

Only food grade CO2 should be used E290 for water dispensers please check labels carefully before use.

What has to be considered when transporting CO2 bottles?

The transport of CO2 bottles is subject to the hazard ordinance road/railway/ inland shipping - GGVSEB. Transport in passenger cars and closed vehicles should only be carried out in exceptional cases and under special precautionary measures. Transport in trailers is preferable. During transport in closed vehicles, sufficient ventilation must be provided, e.g. open windows, switched on blower, ... The bottles must be secured against slipping, falling over or rolling around. Stowage should be as separate from the passenger compartment as possible. In general, your gas supplier will be happy to help you.

What must be considered when storing CO2 bottles?

With regard to the storage of CO2 cylinders, it depends on the size of the cylinders. You can store 425g bottles anywhere. For a 2kg bottle, the room size must be at least 13.5m² with a room height of 2.5m. The legal specifications are to be kept absolutely. The room temperature should not exceed 22°C.

Where can I buy CO2 bottles?

CO2 bottles can be ordered from BWT UK, catering supplies and some wholesalers

Where can I use a water dispenser?

An AQA drink water dispenser can be used in almost all areas of daily life - at home, in the office, in law firms, in fitness centres, at trade fairs or events, in schools and even in canteens.

How many people can I supply with a water dispenser?

The number of people who can be supplied with a water dispenser depends on the machine. The number of users ranges from one to 100 people who can be supplied with drinking water. Find out more about the number of users at the respective device information.

What do I mean by "piped"?

All AQA drink water dispensers are piped devices. This means that the devices are connected directly to the water pipe. This means that there is no need to set up a storage tank and fresh, filtered water can be tapped at any time.

Is a waste water connection required?

No. All AQA drink water dispensers are equipped with a drip tray. The drip tray is removable and can be emptied and cleaned. The free-standing units can be equipped with a waste water tank, which is stored in the base cabinet. It is accessible and can be emptied at any time. Of course, your device can also be connected to the waste water pipe if one is nearby.

Can I just draw still water?

The AQA drink water dispensers offer up to 3 water options to choose from. Depending on the model and personal taste, you can access still, chilled, sparkling or hot water depending on the model you choose.

How far away from a water pipe can I install a water dispenser?

The water dispenser should be installed no further than 5m from a water connection. If the water pipe is longer, too much standing water will remain in the pipe.

Is the installation of a water dispenser difficult and cumbersome?

No. In principle, only two factors need to be considered:

  • Existing water and electricity connection
  • A bit of space

In public buildings and offices all conditions are usually present. The AQA drink water dispensers are available as table-top or free-standing units. The table-top units are of the same size as commercially available fully automatic coffee machines and fit on any kitchen worktop.

The filter and the CO2 bottle can be placed in any base cabinet. For the installation only a small hole has to be drilled into the worktop to pass through the connecting hoses. If you don't want to place it on the worktop or if you don't have the space, the solution offers itself as a stand-alone unit. The table-top unit is placed on a base cabinet, which also provides space for the filter and the CO2 bottle."

Why does the water dispenser need a filter?

Tap water is delivered to your home or premises meeting the high standard of qualtity laid down in the regualtions. Unfortunatley some of the trace elements allowed and foreign particles from your own plumbing system can spoil the taste and the clarity of the water. A moderm water filter will remove these so you can enjoy water that clear and odour free. Choosing a specialist BWT cartridge you can add vital minerals like magnesium and zinc and even remove any microplastics.

Does a water dispenser greatly increase my electricity consumption?

Like any electronic device, a water dispenser consumes electricity. But not more than other household appliances, such as a refrigerator. Electricity consumption depends on the amount of water to be cooled.

How often do I have to change the filter?

  • The AQA drink filter cartridge must be replaced at the latest after 6-12 months, depending on the type of filter, after the first use or after the capacity has been exhausted. 
  • If the use is interrupted for more than 2 days, rinse the filter system with 4-5 litres of water before using it again. If the system is not used for more than 4 weeks, we recommend replacing the AQA drink filter cartridge.

What is sanitising?

Water dispensers must be cleaned regularly and 'deep cleaned' (sanitised) every 6 months to ensure hygienically safe operation. The maintenance of the units is carried out by a BWT service technician or by trained specialist personnel. Please contact us for more details of our sanitising programmes

Which connections do I need for a water dispenser?

For the installation of an AQA drink water dispenser you need a potable water supply within 5m of the area you would like it installed. A power connection (Mains socket) 220 - 240 V/50Hz.

Are water dispensers loud?

A water dispenser makes sounds like any refrigerator. When you draw sparkling water, you will also hear a pump.

Does the water dispenser need an air supply?

Yes. It is necessary to keep a distance of 5 cm from the wall in order to be able to dissipate the waste heat generated by the cooling.
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  • Approximate remaining capacity of CO2 bottle and filter cartridge
  • Regular service and maintenance reminders
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  • Direct contact to BWT customer service
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