BWT Quarrtz CC POU

Stainless Steel (Cold & Ambient Water)

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  • Sleek stainless steel body
  • Advanced cooling technology for lower running costs
  • Choice of filters to suit your local water needs
  • Service friendly for simpler maintenance
  • Contrasting durable trim for smart looks and longevity
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BWT water cooler
BWT water cooler
BWT water cooler
BWT water cooler

Product details


With a stain­less steel cabinet and contrasting ABS injec­tion moulded trim this stain­less steel cooler brings a sophis­ti­cated and modern look to any office. Designed for today's modern office environment it can be easily serviced on site, minimising any disrup­tion to office life. Partic­ullary suited to a customer facing envi­ron­ment it is also ideal for busy offices and other commer­cial premises.

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The new cooling probe design ensures a more effi­cient cooling method which helps to conserve energy and elim­i­nates conden­sa­tion within the cooler.


Security and service from a single source
Rest assured we will ensure your new cooler is installed correctly and you have the right filter to suit your local needs, ensuring every glass is a fresh as the first.

BWT all-round service - Perfect personal advice
With a new cooler from BWT you are not just renting or purchasing a device: delivery, installation and comissioning but also access to our wealth of experience and expertise.

BWT all-round security - Triple protection you can rely on
When you choose BWT you are guaranteed all round protection.

  • We always make sure you have the right cooler for your needs
  • We ensure it is installed in line with the latest regulations and best practice
  • We ensure you have the right filter cartridge to suit your local water and needs 

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Technical details

Product features

Model Number BWT QuarrtzCC
Water delivery chilled /still (l/h) 6
Number of users 4 - 25
Still Water Yes
Chilled water Yes
Sparkling water No
Hot water No
Water delivery chilled /sparkling (l/h) -
Water delivery still ambient (l/h) 120
Water delivery hot (l/h) -
Water temperature hot (°C) -
Mains voltage (V/Hz) 220 - 240 /50 socket
Dispensing height (cm) 23
Dimensions (W X H X D) (cm) 30 X 123 X 32
Style Floor Standing
Counter top modes available Yes

Plumbed in Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

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