AQA therm Keller
AQA therm Keller


Protection for heating systems

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Item number: 52000
  • Heating water group for filling and topping up heating systems
  • Protects drinking water against back flow through the heating circuit
  • Electronic display for easy setting
  • Comprises heating filling block, heating softening station and salt-reducing cartridge
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Heat you can rely on

Product description

With the AQA therm HWG you can top up your heating system with standard-​compliant water at any time. It can also be used to fill the system depending on the heating volume and water consump­tion.

The inte­grated back­flow preventer BA in the AQA therm HFB prevents any back flow of heating water. The AQA therm HFB also has a pres­sure reducer which regu­lates the inlet pres­sure, as well as a 25-μm filter screen that reli­ably traps parti­cles.

AQA therm MOVE
AQA therm MOVE
The disposable AQA therm SRC or HRC cartridges are screwed onto the AQA therm HES to treat the water used in your heating system. An electric water meter records the flushing, filling and refilling quantity shown on the display. Smart setup allows all operating parameters to be set quickly and easily. Thanks to smart operation, the AQA therm HES is simple to use. If required, an alarm can be set as a reminder for the next filter cartridge replacement.
AQA therm SRC
AQA therm SRC

The AQA therm SRC reduces the salt content in the water used to fill and top up heating systems, thereby reducing water constituents that cause limescale formation and corrosion. AQA therm SRC is available in two sizes:

  • SRC-L: Capacity approx. 240 litres at 20°dH
  • SRC-XL: Capacity approx. 480 litres at 20°dH

The AQA therm HRC (hardness reducing cartridge, not to be used with aluminium) can also be used. This cartridge only reduces water constituents that cause limescale formation. Inhibitors must be added to reduce corrosion. AQA therm HRC is available in the following sizes:

  • HRC small: Capacity 3 m³ x °dH (for refilling)
  • HRC large: Capacity 14 m³ x °dH (for initial filling and refilling)

AQA therm cartridges are manufactured at BWT's plant in Mondsee, Austria in accordance with strict HACCP guidelines.

Technical details

Product features

Item number 52000
Alarm function for cartridge change Yes
Connection possibility Compatible connection fitting for installation in any pipe system
Display Electronic display
Pressure reducer included
consisting of: consisting of AQA therm HFB AQA therm HES and AQA therm SRC-L
Pressure gauge including manometer for pressure indication
Assembly simple wall assembly
Backflow preventer inclusive BA backflow preventer


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