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BWT Perla
BWT Perla
BWT Perla
BWT Perla
BWT Perla
BWT Perla
BWT Perla
BWT Perla

BWT Perla

Luxury Water system

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Item number: 11424
  • Duplex system for 24 hours of Luxury Water     
  • 100% connectivity via GSM, WLAN, LAN and the BWT Best Water Home app
  • Self-monitoring using the auto-check function
  • Multi-info touch display
  • including AQA Guard floor sensor, AQA Stop, AQA Watch & AQA Safe valve
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The solution that prevents excessive calcium in your water

Product details

BWT Perla – devel­oped for all those who refuse to compro­mise. Two columns with exchange medium ensure silky-soft BWT Luxury Water around the clock as well as maximum peak water flow.

When the exchange medium in one column is exhausted, the other one auto­mat­i­cally steps into action. You thus enjoy silky-soft BWT Luxury Water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without inter­rup­tion. Thanks to its adap­tive parallel oper­a­tion, BWT Perla also achieves the maximum peak water flow of up to 53 litres a minute. Your silky-soft Luxury Water is thus always avail­able throughout your home even when it's running from multiple taps at the same time or modern comfort showers are being used.

Safety systems

The BWT safety systems of your BWT Perla One also protect your home compre­hen­sively against water damage:

  • AQA Guard floor sensor(s): Up to 10 sensors monitor mois­ture on the floor (direct protec­tion against, for example, a burst washing machine hose).
  • AQA Stop: This indis­pens­able leak protec­tion in case of a major rupture is included free of charge. If the AQA Guard sensor detects mois­ture, AQA Stop cuts off the water supply in the house.
  • AQA Watch: Alarm func­tion when sustained low flow rates are exceeded.

The BWT Perla is a duplex water soft­ener that oper­ates according to the ion exchange process. Calcium and magne­sium ions are removed from the water and replaced with sodium ions. The result: no ​limescale, silky-​soft BWT Luxury Water. The two columns are filled with an organic ion exchange medium (resin).

On the front of the BWT Perla you'll find:

  • Touch display
  • Device status display
  • Prox­imity sensor

When not in use, the device status display (BWT logo) and the touch display are in power save mode and switched off. When you approach your BWT Perla, the displays are acti­vated via a prox­imity sensor and switched on.

BWT Perla in oper­a­tion – silky-​soft BWT Luxury Water around the clock

The oper­ating mode of the BWT Perla depends on the given consump­tion, i.e. the amount of Luxury Water you need over a day. The water flows adap­tively to demand in parallel through the two columns which are filled with an organic ion exchange medium. This oper­ating mode enables maximum avail­ability of Luxury Water while simul­ta­ne­ously minimising stag­na­tion in the columns. Further­more, the only time when water does not flow in parallel through the columns is during the regen­er­a­tion process.

During the regen­er­a­tion phases at night – times when less water is typi­cally consumed – one column softens the water while the other is used for regen­er­a­tion. If capacity usage drops below 50% before the time when it is checked at 2:00 a.m. – i.e. before normal regen­er­a­tion – propor­tional regen­er­a­tion starts imme­di­ately.

If the capacity only falls below 50% after the time when it is checked, the unit assumes that the remaining capacity is suffi­cient to last until the time of the next regular regen­er­a­tion. Regen­er­a­tion begins imme­di­ately when capacity has been reached or no later than the time of the regular regen­er­a­tion.


The system is fitted with a device that disin­fects the exchange medium with brine during regen­er­a­tion. While the brine is being drawn, the regen­er­a­tion process is adapted to the respec­tive pres­sure ratios, the consump­tion of salt and regen­er­ating water is reduced to the neces­sary minimum – a process known as preci­sion salt metering. These processes are based on the exact recording of all measure­ment data.

Thanks to the opti­mised brine prepa­ra­tion process, it takes less than half an hour to produce only as much brine as is actu­ally needed for regen­er­a­tion. The brine collects in a special recess of the regen­er­ating medium tank, from where it is drawn. Once the brine has been drawn, the regen­er­ating medium tank no longer contains any liquid. An ultra­sound sensor in the lid measures the fill level of the regen­er­ating medium and displays it as a percentage of avail­ability in the BWT Best Water Home app and on the device display.

BWT Perla
BWT Perla

Technical details

Product features

Item number 11424
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 394 x 797 x 505
Household size up to eight persons
AQA Watch function Yes
AQA stop function Yes
incl. connection accessories Yes
Salt capacity 32 kg
Salt consumption in kg per m³ 0,48
Safety overflow height in mm 410
Flow rate in m³/h 3,2 m³/h

BWT quality

Our promise of quality
BWT Perla

BWT Perla

BWT Best Water Home App

With the BWT Best Water Home App you can keep an eye on your BWT devices anywhere and anytime.

Your advan­tages:

  • Reli­able status display of your system
  • Regular reminders
  • Reorder salt conve­niently online
  • Display of your perl water consump­tion
  • Set holiday mode for your system
  • Direct contact to BWT customer service
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