AQA drink SLIM
AQA drink SLIM

AQA drink Pure Slim 2 Duo Replacement Filter Set

Drinking water system replacement filter set

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  • Complete fiter set in one box
  • Easy change system
  • Recylable
  • Long life
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Product details


Prac­tical replace­ment filter set containing the same high quality filters supplied with your orig­inal purchase. Easily changed, care should be taken to replace your new filters in the same order as the old ones were removed. Please remember that like all new filters you should run clean cold water through your system once installed until the water runs clean and clear. Full details can be found in your instruc­tion manual.

AQA drink SLIM
AQA drink SLIM

More information

All drinking water systems should only be used on a water source that has been approved for drinkining.


Complete replacement filter set
Double filter system for the removal of unwanted and undesirable elements from your drinking water.

More Magnesium - More Taste - More Power
Transforming your tap water into an unparalleled taste sensation like never before.

Removes the minerals that cause limescale
With no more limescale you can enjoy your favourite hot drinks, scale free kettles and coffee machines.


We would be happy to help you find the BWT water softener that best suits your needs. Contact our BWT experts for advice.

AQA drink SLIM

AQA drink Pure Slim 2 Duo Replacement Filter Set

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