AQA drink SLIM
AQA drink SLIM

BWT AQA drink Slim 2 Duo

Pure slim drinking water filtration system

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  • Magnesium mineralized water on demand
  • High quality water for drinking and cooking
  • Protects kettles and coffee makers against limescale
  • Quick and easy to change cartridges
  • Modern attractive design dedicated drinking water tap included
  • Convenient and environmentally friendly say no to single use plastic bottles
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AQA drink SLIM
AQA drink SLIM

Product details


BWT's Pure Slim drinking water filtration system is a compact under the sink solution that delivers Magnesium Mineralized Water on demand. The result is a water that tastes great on its own or as a mixer. When used to make your favourite hot drink it creates crystal clear tea and a perfect crema on coffee. The advanced double filter system removes those elements that often cause bad tastes and odours as well as heavy metals and limescale before adding magnesium into the filtered water.

More magne­sium - more taste -
more power

The system is supplied with a modern filter head two specialist filters, a dedi­cated drinking water tap and an instal­la­tion kit. Replacing the filter cartridges is easy and requires no special tools. Replace­ment cartridges are avail­able from your local stockist or online from the BWT shop.


Advanced double filtra­tion
Removes the unde­sir­able elements that can spoil the taste of your water, as well as those you would rather not digest before adding the valu­able mineral magne­sium.

Removes the minerals that cause Limescale
With no more limescale you can enjoy your favourite hot drinks, scale free kettles and coffee machines.

Crystal clear tea and the perfect crema for your coffee
Clear, clean water with added magne­sium delivers crystal clear tea and fuller flavour coffees with a perfect crema.

Say No to single use plas­tics
With fresh tasting water straight from the tap there is no need to rely on single use plastic bottles of water from the super­market.

  • 1 x Filter head
  • 2 x Specilaist filters
  • 1 x Quarter turn tap and connec­tion tube
  • 1 x Saddle valve and connec­tion tube
  • 1 x Drilling template
  • 1 x Instal­la­tion kit


We would be happy to help you find the BWT water softener that best suits your needs. Contact our BWT experts for advice.

Technical details

Product features

Model Number AquadrinkDuoMg+
Pipe Size 15/22mm copper
Dimensions L x W x H H 405 X W 167 X D190mm
Maximun Flow Rate 3 l/m
AQA drink SLIM

BWT AQA drink Slim 2 Duo

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