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AQA drink Pure U set

Water filter tap

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Item number: 812650
  • Great-tasting Magnesium Mineralized Water direct from the kitchen tap
  • AQA drink filter cartridge MP200 for Magnesium Mineralized Water with reliable limescale protection, recommended for water hardness levels measured by German degrees of 5°dH (German hardness) and higher
  • High-quality chrome-plated three-way kitchen tap with U spout
  • Optimum utilisation of the filter capacity through the separation of filtered drinking water and unfiltered hot or cold tap water
  • Monitoring of filter capacity with programmable filter replacement indicator
  • Optical filter change signal in the form of an LED ring on the tap
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Product details

The AQA drink Pure complete system supplies all the compo­nents you need to draw filtered BWT Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water directly from the kitchen tap. The set combines BWT's unique magne­sium filter tech­nology with a high-​quality GROHE tap. The water can be indi­vid­u­ally selected using two levers on the tap – either filtered, miner­alised drinking water or unfil­tered, hot or cold tap water. This allows optimum use of filter capacity.

The AQA monitor included in the set moni­tors the filter capacity and indi­cates when the filter needs to be replaced. An LED display on the tap ring uses different coloured lights to indi­cate the capacity status.

Filter cartridge

The AQA drink Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water Protect filter cartridge included in the set reduces substance content such as chlo­rine that can lend the water an unpleasant taste, but also heavy metals such as copper, lead and nickel. The filter also reli­ably removes limescale to protect your house­hold appli­ances. Thanks to the patented BWT magne­sium tech­nology, the filtered water is enriched with the valu­able mineral magne­sium to achieve the best all-​round sensory expe­ri­ence in both hot and cold drinks.

How does a BWT water filter tap for the kitchen work?

The BWT AQA drink filter cartridge is installed directly under the sink and is connected between your water supply and the tap. The GROHE three-​way tap has two levers – one for Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water and the other for unfil­tered tap water. The LED ring is fitted at the bottom of the tap and indi­cates the filter status.

The filter for more magnesium – more taste – more power

The AQA drink filter cartridge is equipped with BWT's innovative magnesium technology to convert your tap water into magnesium mineralized water in five filtration stages. This not only reduces the water's content of substances such as chlorine that lend water an unpleasant odour and/or taste, as well as heavy metals such as lead, copper and nickel, but also enriches the water with the valuable mineral magnesium. It makes the water not just pure, but a genuine pleasure to drink. As a flavour carrier, magnesium not only tastes great: it also brings out the aromas of food and drink. Additional limescale protection protects household appliances against limescale deposits.
Filter MP400

The filter replacement indicator:

A glance at the LED ring on the fitting indicates how long the filter can still be used. This is connected to a flow sensor by means of a programmable counter unit installed under the sink. The filter capacity in relation to the water hardness can be set on the counter. The filter status is indicated by different colour displays on the ring, each time water is dispensed.

  • Blue light: Sufficient filter capacity
  • Flashing blue/red: Filter capacity is low
  • Red light: Filter is exhausted and must be replaced

One tap, two water options

The high-quality GROHE tap not only looks great in any kitchen, but also boasts numerous technical highlights. Thanks to the separate water channels, you simply choose still Magnesium Mineralized Water for drinking or unfiltered tap water – for example for washing dishes – as you need it.

  • Left rotary handle: filtered water
  • Right lever: normal tap water
Produktteaser Küchenwasserfilter
Produktteaser Küchenwasserfilter

Technical details

Product features

Item number 812650
Style U-outlet
Material Metal
Height 355 mm
Operation Swivel spout, single lever mixer and additional lever for filtered water
Assembly Single hole assembly
Electrical connection not required
Filtration capacity (Cartridge as supplied) at 200ppm* 600 l
*Recommended for water hardness levels of 5°dH and higher

Installation requirements

The following prerequisites must be met to ensure smooth installation of your filter system:

  • Cold and hot water connections that can be shut off are available and accessible
  • Operation is possible: with pressure accumulators, and thermally or hydraulically controlled flow heaters
  • Operation is NOT possible: with non-pressurised under-counter storage tanks (flow heaters)
  • Sufficient space for the tap:
    • C spout dimensions: H x D: 407x226 mm, swivel range: 180 °
  • Sufficient space for the filter in the base cabinet:
    • Filter height with head: 385 mm, diameter: 88 mm

Frequently asked ques­tions

How many people will need to use the dispenser?

We normally recommend that a standard bottled water dispenser is suitable for between 4 and 12 people this will vary depending the type of water being drawn off (Hot, cold, ambient for example) Where as a plumbed in unit will easily cope with up to 20 regular users of cold water

What do I have to consider when filtering with the AQA drink filter cartridge?

  • Each BWT filter cartridge may only be operated with water that meets the legal requirements for drinking water quality.
  • The water filter is not suitable for the production of drinking water, i.e. the filter is not suitable for the treatment of hygienically questionable water.
  • If you are requested by official authorities to boil tap water as a result of contamination, this also applies to BWT filtered water. If the tap water is again approved by the authorities as safe for consumption, the filter cartridge must always be replaced and the connections cleaned.
  • For certain groups of people, such as persons with reduced immune defenses and for the preparation of baby food, the BWT filtered water must be boiled.
  • The filter cartridge must be replaced after 6-12 months at the latest, depending on the type of filter, after the first use.
  • In case of an interruption in use of more than 2 days, rinse the filter system with 4-5 liters of water before using it again. In case of interruption of use for more than 4 weeks, we recommend replacing the filter cartridge.

Do you need your dispenser need to make a statement maybe in your reception area?

A BWT AQA 40 or 60 is perfect for you easily connected to an existing drinking water supply they will not only look good but supply to with copious amounts of cold, ambient, hot and or sparkling water at the touch of a button.
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Good things in life are often right at our fingertips.

Conventional bottled water often has to be transported over extremely long distances before it reaches you. There's a much better alternative: the local tap water. BWT refines the water on site, thereby diminishing these unnecessary transport distances. This reduces CO2 emissions and indirectly helps the fight against climate change. At the same time, by using BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized Water you are also reducing the use of disposable bottles which, as plastic waste, cause enormous environmental problems in the world's oceans.

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Magnesium is an optimum flavour carrier.

Magnesium Mineralized Water from BWT offers a great taste experience sip after sip. BWT water is not only a fantastic, great-tasting thirst quencher, but also superb water for brewing coffee and tea.

Harmonious flavour that accompanies you throughout the day.

Der Aromakick für den ganzen Tag


Water is an often underestimated reserve of energy.

It is therefore all the more important to supply your body with only the best drinking water. Magnesium Mineralized Water provides you with everything you need for your well-being. It is refreshing and helps you through your busy everyday life – whether at work or playing sport. With every sip you're ingesting valuable magnesium. 2.5 litres of BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized Water provides up to 20 per cent (~65 mg*) of your daily magnesium requirement.



Change the world sip by sip.

BWT believes that everyone has a right to clean water. However, more than 760 million people worldwide still do not have access to clean drinking water. BWT has therefore set itself the goal of ensuring a safe drinking water supply in developing countries. Forty-nine BWT eWater wells have already been installed in Gambia, giving local people access to clean drinking water.

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AQA drink Pure U set

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