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AQA drink MP300

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Item number: 812657
  • Water filter to optimize your drinking water plus limescale protection
  • Mineralizes your water with valuable magnesium - pure a real pleasure
  • Reliable limescale protection - protects your household appliances from calcification
  • Removes odor- and taste-disturbing substances such as chlorine
  • Optimizes the aroma of hot and cold drinks
  • With the BWT AQA drink filter, you save yourself the hassle of lugging, storing and disposing of disposable plastic bottles
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Product details

The BWT filter cartridge AQA drink Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect reduces odor- and taste-disturbing substances such as chlorine and heavy metals such as copper, lead and nickel. The filter reliably removes limescale and thus protects your appliances. The filtered water is enriched with the valuable mineral magnesium by the patented BWT Magnesium technology and thus the best sensory results are achieved for hot and cold beverages. The filter can be connected directly to the cold water line with an AQA drink 3-way fitting.

The unique magnesium technology

BWT has developed a special filter process that makes good water even better! BWT's patented Magnesium Mineralized Water filter technology protects against limescale in five filtration steps in a way that is unique worldwide, reduces odor- and taste-disturbing substances and enriches the water with the valuable mineral magnesium.
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The five-fold water filtration

1. pre-filtration for particles, e.g. sand or rust.

2. activated carbon prefiltration to protect the ion exchanger.

3. powerful ion exchanger with effective limescale protection. Release of the valuable mineral magnesium. Reduces heavy metals such as copper, lead and nickel.

4. activated carbon filtration reduces odor and taste disturbing substances, such as chlorine

5. fine filtration captures even the smallest particles.

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Instructions for use

  • Operation of the AQA drink filter cartridge is possible horizontally and vertically
  • Operation only with cold water of drinking water quality
  • Do not use with microbiologically contaminated water or water of unknown quality, without sufficient disinfection before or after the water treatment system
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Technical details

Product features

Item number 812657
Mineralized with magnesium for perfect taste Yes
Chlorine reduction Yes
Limescale protection for your equipment Yes
Ultrafiltration -
Capacity at 12 °dH 1,400 l for hot and cold application
Hight with Head 445 mm
Diameter 110 mm
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Frequently asked ques­tions about our AQA drink filter cartridges

How long can I use the AQA drink filter cartridge?

To achieve the optimum filtering effect, you should replace the filter cartridge as follows:

  • Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water filter: after capacity is exhausted or after 12 months at the latest.
  • Filter Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water Protect Care: after exhaus­tion of the capacity or after 6 months at the latest
  • Filter Filtered Water Cared: after exhaus­tion of the capacity or after 6 months at the latest
  • Filter Simply Care: after exhaus­tion of capacity or after 6 months at the latest

The service life depends on the quality and hard­ness of your tap water.

What do I have to consider when filtering with the AQA drink filter cartridge?

  • Each BWT filter cartridge may only be operated with water that meets the legal requirements for drinking water quality.
  • The water filter is not suitable for the production of drinking water, i.e. the filter is not suitable for the treatment of hygienically questionable water.
  • If you are requested by official authorities to boil tap water as a result of contamination, this also applies to BWT filtered water. If the tap water is again approved by the authorities as safe for consumption, the filter cartridge must always be replaced and the connections cleaned.
  • For certain groups of people, such as persons with reduced immune defenses and for the preparation of baby food, the BWT filtered water must be boiled.
  • The filter cartridge must be replaced after 6-12 months at the latest, depending on the type of filter, after the first use.
  • In case of an interruption in use of more than 2 days, rinse the filter system with 4-5 liters of water before using it again. In case of interruption of use for more than 4 weeks, we recommend replacing the filter cartridge.

Where can I read the capacity of the AQA drink filter cartridge?

The capac­i­ties can be read in the instal­la­tion and oper­ating instruc­tions of the filter. These are enclosed in the filter cartridge pack­aging.

In addi­tion, you will also find an overview on the data sheet for the filter cartridge, which is avail­able for down­load on our home­page.

You can find our Data Sheet in the following links: 

Do I have to turn off the water supply when replacing the AQA drink filter cartridge?

An aquastop is integrated in the BWT filter head, which prevents water from escaping unintentionally when the shut-off valve is open and no filter cartridge is installed.

However, when replacing the filter, it is recommended to turn off the water supply and relieve the pressure by briefly opening the water tap or pressing the cold water button on the water dispenser.

How many litres of filtration capacity does the AQA drink filter cartridge have?

The filter perfor­mance depends on the water quality and hard­ness of your tap water and also on the size of the filter cartridge used.

The perfor­mance can be found in the instal­la­tion and oper­ating instruc­tions enclosed in the pack­aging or in the data sheet for the filter.

You can find our Data Sheet in the following links: 

Where are the AQA drink filter cartridges produced?

As a quality manufacturer, all our water filter cartridges are produced in Austria. There is a state-of-the-art production facility that is subject to continuous quality controls.

Are the materials from which the AQA drink filter cartridges are made BPA (bisphenol-A) free?

Yes, our filter cartridges are made of plastics that do not contain BPA. Polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) are used for the production of the filter cartridges.

How is the quality of AQA drink filter cartridges guaranteed?

Our production facility in Austria is aligned with the strict ISO guidelines and the hygiene regulations of the HACCP concept and has been inspected several times by independent auditors. To meet the highest hygiene requirements, our filter cartridges are sterilized in the process and a small amount of silver is added (in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO). In this way, we create a consistently high level of quality. Only in this way can we ensure that the handling of drinking water, a sensitive product, always meets the highest hygiene standards.

What do I do with the used AQA drink filter cartridge?

Always observe local regulations for disposal!

  • Filter cartridges: Dispose of exhausted filter cartridges in the household waste.
  • Packaging material: If locally possible, recycle foil and cardboard packaging.
  • This will help to protect the environment.

Why is the filter head missing from the AQA drink filter cartridge?

The filter head is not included with the filter cartridge and must be ordered separately.

How must the AQA drink filter system be installed?

The filter system can be operated vertically or horizontally. When mounting the filter cartridge for horizontal operation, however, care must be taken to ensure that the filter cartridge rests on the floor.

Can I install the AQA drink filter cartridge with another filter head?

No. The filter cartridges only work with a BWT Magnesium Mineralizer filter head and may only be installed with an original BWT Magnesium Mineralizer filter head.

However, the BWT filter head type Magnesium Mineralizer fits on every filter cartridge of the AQA drink filter cartridge series.

Why is my tap water milky/white?

When water is tapped, excess air in the piping system may cause carbonic acid to form and escape as small white bubbles. A white coloration of the water due to air is harmless. Simply let the water stand for a short time and the turbidity disappears again.

Do you have easy access to main quality drinking water we can tap into?

If the answer is yes then it might be worth taking to us about a plumbed in unit. If not the one of our bottled water dispensers could be perfect requiring just access to a mains wall socket

Do you want to make hot drinks from the water you dispenser?

If the answer is yes then one of our Hot and Cold dispensers could be the perfect solution. The hot water is ideal for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and some soups. However in a busy office where there is frequent demand for hot drinks you might be better suited to a compact table top boiler. If you need more information. One of our sales advisors will be happy to help.

Are you looking to place the dispenser in a public area?

If your dispensers are likely to be subject to a variety of users in a public space a touchless plumbed in cooler might provide you with extra peace of mind when it come to hygiene. Automatically operated and concealed dispensing nozzles make them idea for this environment.

Will your dispenser be subject to a rough and tumble environment like in a busy corridor or in a workshop?

Talk to us about heavy duty coolers with steel or stainless steel cabinets, securing brackets and push button operation. All designed to provide you with a durable dispensing solution.
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