BWT High Purity System S
BWT High Purity System S

BWT High Purity System S

Dental Clinics

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  • Demineralized water for smaller autoclaves
  • Space saving compact design
  • Exceptional water quality <0.5 µS /cm.
  • Optimised cartridge sized for smaller dental practices
  • Built-in non-return valve 100% protection against dust
  • Easy, simple and hygienic
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Product Details

The BWT High Purity System S has been developed to meet the needs of the smaller dental practice and offers the same exceptional water quality demanded by a modern clinic but in package perfect for the more modest volumes of water required. At the heart of the system is the BWT bestdemin XL filter cartridge, a hygienic recyclable  5 stage filter system that produces up 5 litres of demineralized water per day. The System S  is ideally suitable for table autoclaves where water consumption is low. The ultra small foot print of the cartridge make it ideal for areas where space is of a premium.[No text in field]


Say No to Single use Bottles

With high quality demineralized water <0.5 μS / cm on tap the system is an ideal alternative to buying demineralized water in plastic bottles. Helping you to avoid the hassle of purchasing, storing and handling such bottles. Freeing up your time and space.
For you and planet blue

Low operating costs

Low operating costs and the added benefit of no longer needing to buy demineralized water in plastic bottles makes the System S not only a practical alternative to buying in water but it makes financial sense as well.
Limescale protection

Simple filter changes

Twist in - Twist out makes changing the high capacity filter cartridge simple and straight forward without the need for special tools. The BWT bestdemin PLUS is installed using a BWT universal filter head, which automatically shuts off the water during filter replacement, minimising the risk of spills and slip hazards. Easy, simple and hygienic.
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Easy to live with

The high purity of the water helps protect the autoclave from additional servicing or costly downtime due to low conductivity or problems with salts in the nozzles.
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Dentallabor Dentallabor

Complete System


  • BWT best­demin cartridge
  • BWT Filter head
  • Digital inline conduc­tivity meter
  • Stain­less steel tap
  • Fitting kit

Rental Package avail­able

  • BWT bestdemin cartridge system
  • Annual service visit
  • Sanitisation
  • Delivery of new cartridges
  • Collection of spent cartridges for recycling
  • Written audit report.
BWT High Purity System S

BWT High Purity System

BWT High Purity System S BWT High Purity System S Select product variant

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