water for dental clinics BWT High Purity System M
water for dental clinics BWT High Purity System M

BWT High Purity System L

Dental Clinics

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  • Up to 80 Litres a day of demineralized water
  • Exceptional water quality <0.5 µS /cm
  • Suitable for autoclaves and bottled water systems for dental units
  • Compact space saving design
  • Requires minimal supervision and maintenance
  • Easy to service to service
  • Easy set up and monitoring via Smart Phone App , set and monitor flow, temperature and operating parameters
  • Achieves water to DN EN13060 / DIN EN285
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Product Details

 The go to solution for larger dental practices and clinics delivering up to 80 litres of high quality demineralized water suitable for the majority of autoclaves and bottled water systems for dental units

The system comprises of a unique and patented pumped BWT reverse osmosis module with a demineralising ion exchange cartridge. Components are ‘silverised’, reducing the potential for the growth of undesirable organisms. The resulting High Purity water is dispensed at point of use via a dedicated stainless steel tap.

Compact two-stage water high purity water solution

The unique system is a combination of a reverse osmosis and demineralization that together deliver exceptional water quality <0.5 µS /cm. Reverse osmosis is a filtration process that, combines a high water pressure and specialist membrane , to remove undesirable elements such as hardness minerals and heavy metals from the water. The fine pores of the membrane allows only pure water molecules to penetrate/pass through while retaining microorganisms such as bacteria. The advance membrane technology also ensure that the solutes are removed almost completely. The BWT bestdemin demineralization filter then completes the process, re-polishing the water to ensure the uniformly low conductivity of the finished water.


The perfect alternative to demineralized water in Eco-Unfriendly plastic bottles

With a consistent supply of high quality demineralized water <0.5 μS / cm throughout the cartridge systems life the high purity water releases you from the hassle of purchasing ,storing and handling demineralized water in plastic bottles.
For you and planet blue

Save money, space and time

With the system in place you can immediately start to save money with no need to purchase costly demineralized distilled or low TDS water. The compact nature of the system frees up valuable space in the decontamination room. And with only one service a year and high capacity cartridges you can also enjoy low operating costs. The automatic operation and simple delivery of the water via the systems own dedicated tap releases staff from the need to monitor the waters preparation and filling bottles.
Limescale protection

Perfect for autoclaves and dental units

The continuous supply of high quality of the water provides consistent protection for autoclaves and dental units reducing potential downtime and maintenance costs.

High capacity greater flexibility

Placing reverse osmosis filtration before the demineralization filter in the system provides an extremely high capacity. This capacity is perfect for larger dental clinics offering them the flexibility to meet the needs of both the autoclaves and the bottled water system dental units.
Easy to replace membrane module and filter

Easy to replace membrane module and filter

The purified water system consists of a RO membrane module and a recyclable demineralization cartridge both are attached via a dedicated BWT filter head, all of which are of manufactured from food grade materials and approved. Servicing is easy the filter head automatically shuts off the water during replacement and the filters cartridges can be replaced without the use of special tools. Easy, simple, and hygienic.
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Complete System


  • BWT ROC 14
  • Full Installation
  • BWT best­demin cartridge
  • BWT Filter head
  • Digital inline conduc­tivity meter
  • Stain­less steel tap
  • Fitting kit

Silicon Pads and Folding Hinge

  • Solid base stand
  • Simple module replacement

Setting and Control

  • Control of all relevant operating parameters 

Membrane Module Best AQA membrane

  • Ultra efficient
  • Continuously high permeate yield approx. 50% 
  • Simple membrane replacement - No tools

High Quality Aluminum Housing

  • Hygienic surface
  • Easy to clean

Control and monitoring

  • Via App or smartphone Android and iOS
  • Bluetooth interface

Finer sensor technology

  • Flowrate and pressure
  • Conductivity measurement in outlet water (permeate)
  • Temperature
  • All relevant operating parameters

Pump for constant pressure

  • Consistently high efficiency regardless of main pressure

Rental Package avail­able

  • BWT replacement membrane
  • Annual service visit
  • Sanitisation
  • Delivery of new cartridges
  • Collection of spent cartridges for recycling
  • Written audit report.
water for dental clinics BWT High Purity System M

BWT High Purity System

water for dental clinics BWT High Purity System L BWT High Purity System L Select product variant

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