R1 backwashing filter RSF
R1 backwashing filter RSF

BWT R1 backflush filter RSF 1"

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Item number: 40365
  • Manual backflush filter
  • Two-phase backflush technology for intensive cleaning
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • 10-year warranty (with product registration)
  • Quick to install with HydroModul
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No more unwanted intruders

Installing a drinking water filter makes sense because it forms a barrier against dirt and parti­cles entering your domestic water system. What many people don't know is a whole house filter is ideal for protecting drinking water supplies and appli­ances.

BWT Trinkwasserfilter
BWT Trinkwasserfilter

Product details

Parti­cles and impu­ri­ties such as rust and sand can be gener­ated when a prop­erty is first connected to the water supply or during main­te­nance work. The BWT R1 back­flush filter keeps them out of your domestic water system. Installing this or a similar type of drinking water filter in every domestic instal­la­tion is even manda­tory in some countries. Without a protec­tive filter, parti­cles such as these can cause prob­lems – from a drip­ping tap in the bath­room or kitchen to malfunc­tions in washing machines and other house­hold appli­ances.

  • Long-lasting, robust, reliable
  • Including rotat­able connec­tion tech­nology
  • Avail­able with and without pres­sure reducer
  • Quick to install with Hydro­Modul (3/4" to 1 1/4")
  • Can be fitted onto vertical or horizontal installations
  • Two-phase back­flush tech­nology for really inten­sive cleaning
  • Perfect drinking water quality
  • Filter should be back­washed every 2 months to ensure perfect hygienic drinking water

Technical details

Product features

Item number 40365
Height 352 mm
Outlet pressure after pressure reducer -
Mesh size Filter 90 - 100 µm
Water temperature min./max. 5/30 °C
Operating pressure min./max. bar 2,5/16 bar
Fitting length with/without screw connection 100/184 mm
E1 Keller

BWT quality

Our promise of quality
R1 backwashing filter RSF

BWT R1 backflush filter RSF

BWT Best Water Home App

The BWT Best Water Home app lets you keep a watchful eye on your BWT products – from anywhere, at any time.

Your advan­tages:

  • Reli­able status display for your system
  • Regular service and main­te­nance reminders
  • Reorder hygienic safes conve­niently online
  • Direct contact to BWT customer service
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Frequently asked ques­tions about BWT drinking water filters

Can corrosion in water pipes cause damage to health?

Corrosion processes can cause heavy metals of the pipe material to enter the drinking water and impair the water quality. These metals can lead to health impairments, especially for infants, the sick and the elderly. It is always therefore recommended to allow the water to run freely to drain for several minutes after periods of non-use.

How often do I have to service my drinking water filter?

According to the standard, the filter element of the E1 single-lever filter or a spin-on filter must be replaced every 6 months. For backwash filters, the filter should be cleaned every 2 months.

What is a water filter?

Read in the section "Worth knowing" our magazine article what a water filter is and which advantages it brings with it.

What is limescale ?

Read in the section "Worth knowing" in our magazine article what limescale is and how it gets into drinking water.

Are water suppliers obliged to provide clean water?

Your water supplier is the guarantor that you get drinking water delivered to your home. The strict principles for this quality are laid down in the Drinking Water regulations. However, in your domestic water network this quality can be lost through heating, different materials etc. - problems such as limescale and corrosion can develop. The responsibility for the drinking water changes when it enters your home from the supplier to the house owner. Thus the "operator of a drinking water system" is responsible and influence the quality of the water at the tap.
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