BWT AQA total Energy 2500
BWT AQA total Energy 2500

BWT AQA total Energy 2500

Limescale Protection System

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Item number: 080008
  • Optimum protection against limescale in pipes up to 40°dH and effective protection against corrosion
  • Drinking water rich in vital substances because the minerals remain in the drinking water
  • Treatment of 2.5 m³ of drinking water per hour
  • For households with up to 6 people

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Best limescale protection for drinking water installations

BWT AQA Total Energy range uses unique revolutionary technology- nanocrystal, that helps in stabilising limescale deposits in the water. Although the limescale remains in the water, it is stabilised so that it doesn’t precipitate within the pipes making it difficult to remove. Whereas all the vital minerals remain in the water, which is good for your daily mineral intake. 

Technical details

Product features

Item number 080008
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 310 x 1130 x 280
Household size for up to 6 persons
Korrosionsschutz inkl. Korrosionsschutz
Assembly Floor-mounted device
Water treatment capacity ca. 380 m³
Maximum flow rate 42 l/min
Limescale. Operating pressure (max.) 40 °dH
Energy consumption 0,055 kWh/m³
Operating pressure 10 bar
Power in standby mode 8 Wh
BWT AQA total Energy 2500

BWT AQA total Energy 2500

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