BWT AQA nano
BWT AQA nano

BWT AQA nano

Limescale Protection System

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Item number: 023301
  • Basic limescale protection of up to 356 PPM and flow rates of up to 25 litres per minute
  • Stabilises the limescale dissolved in the water - important minerals remain in the water
  • Suitable for 1-3 persons in the household
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Water treatment capacity up to 110 m³
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Best limescale protection for drinking water installations

The BWT limescale protection systems such as AQA nano or AQA total Energy use the unique nano-crystal technology. Tiny nanocrystals are formed which stabilize the limescale dissolved in the water. Therefore, the limescale remains in the water, but cannot be deposited. And all other valuable minerals are retained in the water at the same time. We recommend an installation of the BWT E1 Single-Lever Filter to help optimise performance of the AQA nano and prevent dust particles like rust and sand from entering the domestic water system therefore providing high-quality whole house filtration.  This product doesn’t include a pressure reducing valve or other extras that may be needed. Please feel free to CONTACT US in advance if you would like our experienced customer service team to advise you about your specific project.

Technical details

Product features

Item number 023301
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 300 x 710 x 290
Household size for up to 3 persons
Assembly Wall mounting
Water treatment capacity ca. 110 m³
Maximum flow rate 25 l/min
Limescale. Operating pressure (max.) 20 °dH
Energy consumption 0,018 kWh/m³
Operating pressure 16 bar
Power in standby mode 1,8 Wh
BWT AQA nano

BWT AQA nano

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