combi care
combi care

Combi Care 22mm

Polyphosphate Scale Inhibitor

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  • Offers protection against Limescale and corrosion
  • Suitable for whole house and single appliance protection
  • Can be Installed on vertical and horizontal pipe work
  • 15mm model also available
  • Easy change cartridge 12 month life
  • Can be used in soft water areas as a corrosion inhibitor
  • WRAS Approved
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combi care
combi care

Product details


BWT's Combi-Care works by introducing a small amount of food grade Polyphosphate into the water feed, sequestering the calcium in the water and preventing it from forming scale on the heat exchanger. Suitable for 15mm pipe and supplied with 15mm compression fittings.

More infor­ma­tion

Max working temperature 30 c. Please note: These units will be affected by hot water transfer back down the system, therefore, they must be installed as far away from the boiler as possible (minimum 1m). Do not install where ambient temperature is likely to exceed 35c. Notes: Please do not over tighten fitting or use a pipe wrench on body. Unit must be adequately supported on both sides of the installation and correctly aligned to avoid stress to the unit or joint. Protect form freezing.


Easy installation - Compression fittings supplied
Can be installed using traditional tools: pipe cutter and two suitable wrenches, on to horizontal or vertical pipework.

Food Grade - Polyphosphate
Drinking water remains safe to drink even after treatment.

Protects central heating boilers
WRAS Approved the BWT Combi Care is ideal for protecting the secondary heating circuit in boilers in accordance with Part L.

12 Month cartridge life
Built in cartridge life indicator is the prefect reminder for the cartridge to be changed as part of the boilers annual service.


  • 1 x Body c/w compression fittings
  • 1 x 12 month polyphosphate cartridge
  • 12 month cartridge change reminder

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Technical details

Product features

Model Number AC002200
Maximum Flow Rate (l/s) 0,9
Max Ambient Temperature 0c 35
Pipe Size (mm) 22
Maximum Pressure (Bar) 5
Replacement Cartridge AC002400
Max water Temperature °C 30
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 120 x 120 x 215
Fitting Type Compression
combi care

Combi Care

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