AQA drink Pure LOFT
AQA drink Pure LOFT
AQA drink Pure Urban
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AQA drink Pure LOFT
AQA drink Pure LOFT
AQA drink Pure LOFT
AQA drink Pure LOFT
AQA drink Pure Urban
MP Main 2
AQA drink Pure LOFT
AQA drink Pure LOFT

AQA drink Pure LOFT

Under the sink drinking water filter system & designer Kitchen Tap

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Item number: 125252398
  • An advanced under the sink drinking water solution featuring BWT advanced filtration technology and GROHE 3 in 1 designer tap with pull out spout
  • Fresh tasting water free from bad tastes and odours and mineralized with magnesium and dispensed straight from your kitchen tap
  • Advanced drinking water filter cartridge for effective filtration and protection from limescale
  • Kit includes advanced filter, filter head and GROHE 3 in 1 designer tap plus full fitting kit and instructions
  • A single tap with 4 options: cold filtered Magnesium Mineralized Water, hot/ cold/ mixed unfiltered water
  • BWT Filter Head Included easy to install, use and maintain suitable for all BWT AQA drink filter cartridges.
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Product Details


This kit combines the magnesium technology of BWT's AQA drink filter cartridges, with a modern kitchen sink tap from GROHE. The AQA Drink Pure LOFT kit, allows you to enjoy fresh and filtered Magnesium Mineralized Water directly your kitchen tap! The two levers on the tap give you the option of choosing either filtered tap water (on the left), enriched with magnesium or hot and cold unfiltered tap water (on the right).

The AQA Drink Pure LOFT kit includes a BWT filter head that comes with an integrated automatic bypass, . It also comes with two non-return valves that help prevent leakages and water discharge during the replacement of a water filter cartridge.

The kit also includes an AQA Monitor which is a convenient way to track your water use and provides a convenient reminder when the AQA drink filter cartridge needs to be changed.

AQA drink filter cartridge - MP200

The AQA drink Magnesium Mineralized Water cartridge improves your tap water by reducing the presence of substances that can alter the odours and taste of your water, such as chlorine or heavy metals like copper, lead and nickel. In addition, it effectively eliminates scale and thus protects your household appliances from damage and premature failure. While BWT's patented Magnesium technology enriches your filtered water with magnesium, a mineral essential for your body and mind.

How does the AQA Drink Pure Loft kit work?

It works by removing the substances from your local tap water that can alter the taste or cause your water to smell funny or chemicals. The advanced technology housed with the drinking water filter cartridge the adds magnesium to the freshly filtered water. The result ordinary tap water is turned into extraordinary magnesium-enriched drinking water. The whole system is easy to install and can usually be sited under the Kitchen sink and its compact size means there is very little real impact on storage space. The AQA monitor meanwhile keeps an eye on the filtered water you use and the remaining filter capacity control and even lets you know when the filters need to be changed.

The filter brings you more magnesium and more taste!

The AQA drink Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect filter cartridge incorporates BWT’s five stage filtration and patented magnesium technology to filter and then enrich the water with the magnesium, to help you achieve the best all-round sensory experience from your hot and cold drinks. The filter also reliably removes the elements that cause limescale to protect appliances like coffee makers and kettles and is ideal for your under the sink water filter System and plumbed in water dispenser.

Did you know that magnesium is essential for our body? It can help reduce muscle cramps reduce fatigue and headaches.

Filter MP400

The water filter change indicator:

BWT's AQA MONITOR meter is a programmable control unit with an audible alarm that monitors the capacity of the water filter cartridge and tells when it is necessary to replace the cartridge. The meter and flow sensor are usually installed under the sink close to the water filter cartridge. The remaining capacity of the water filter can be read on the meter and an acoustic signal is emitted when the filter needs to be changed.

  • No sound signal: the capacity of the filter is sufficient
  • Single Bleep: the filtration capacity will soon be exhausted
  • 2 Bleeps in quick succession: the filter is exhausted and needs to be replaced
AQA drink Pure Urban

The Kitchen Sink Tap with Four choices for water.

The modern design style of the 3.1 Pull Out GROHE tap is both practical and stylish and will make an impact in any kitchen. Beautifully made, you can choose Magnesium Mineralized Water filtered tap from the left lever or unfiltered hot, cold or blended unfiltered water from the right one. The Pull out tap has a shower spray head making it easier to wash dishes or vegetables.

  • Left lever: Delicious Magnesium Mineralized Water
  • Right lever: Unfiltered hot/cold tap water
AQA drink Pure LOFT
Produktteaser Küchenwasserfilter
Produktteaser Küchenwasserfilter

Technical details

Product features

Item number 125252398
Style L- style spout with pull-out tap
Material Metal
Height 328 mm
Operation Swivel spout, single lever mixer and additional lever for filtered water
Assembly Single hole assembly
Electrical connection not required
Filtration capacity (Cartridge as supplied) at 200ppm* 600 l
*Recommended for water hardness greater than 90 ppm

Installation conditions

To easily install our under-the-sink water system kit, certain conditions must be met:

  • Cold or hot water connection that are accessible and easy to isolate
  • Compatible with: pressure storage water heater, thermally or hydraulically controlled water heater
  • NOT compatible with: pressure-free storage water heater
  • Please allow sufficient space to operate your tap: 328 x 223mm (H X D), swivel range: 90°
  • Space needed for the under-sink water filter cartridge: Height: 385 mm, diameter: 88 mm
AQA drink Pure LOFT

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the AQA drink Pure kit with an instant water heater?

The simple answer is yes, it is possible to connect the hot water connection on the tap to a pressurised water heater. It is important that the pressurised water heater is plumbed in according to local regulations.

You cannot connect the tap to a non-pressurised hot water heater.

Can I replace an empty AQA drink water filter cartridge myself?

Yes. Replacing an AQA drink water filter cartridge is quick and easy.

  • It is not strictly necessary to isolate the water supply to the filter when changing the filter as a non-return valve is integrated in the filter head. This prevents water from escaping if the shut-off valve is open. However, we recommend that you always turn off the water supply as a precaution before starting work.
  • Remove the new AQA drink filter cartridge from its packaging and remove the hygienic cover.
  • Before installation, write the date of installation and the date of replacement on the name plate.
  • Remove the old AQA drink filter cartridge from the filter head by turning it clockwise (when viewed from above).
  • Insert the new AQA drink filter cartridge into the filter head by turning it counter clockwise. (When viewed from above).

What are the advantages of AQA drink Pure kits connected to the water supply?

The AQA drink Pure kits are directly connected to the water supply. You then benefit from filtered mineralized water enriched with magnesium whenever you want, directly from the tap. You no longer need to worry about transporting the single-use bottle or the problems of space in the refrigerator. This saves you money and helps to protect the environment.

What are the advantages of the filter supplied with the AQA drink Pure kit?

The AQA drink Pure kits are equipped with the AQA drink Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect cartridge MP200. The water filter is equipped with a high-end ion exchanger and an activated carbon filter. These technologies will reduce the presence of substances that alter taste and odour of your water, such as chlorine and heavy metals. In addition, the filter effectively removes limescale and thus protects your kitchen appliances like kettles and coffee machines. Magnesium technology patented by BWT enriches your water with magnesium, a precious mineral for a healthy body.

Why does the kitchen tap have two levers?

The Grohe tap is equipped with three separate water inlets:

  • Your drinking water passes from your cold water supply through the AQA drink Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect cartridge where it is filtered water and enriched with magnesium before entering the tap.
  • whilst your unfiltered cold and hot water supply goes directly into the tap as normal.

Left lever: filtered water enriched with magnesium
Right lever: unfiltered hot and cold tap water

How do I know when to replace the AQA drink filter cartridge?

The capacity of the AQA drink filter cartridge depends on the quality and hardness of the tap water, and on your individual consumption. The AQA Monitor, included in the kit, monitors and indicates the capacity of the AQA drink filter cartridge and signals when the filter needs to be replaced. In the case of AQA drink Pure sets which include the Grohe tap, the status of the filter capacity is additionally displayed via the LED rings on the tap itself.

What is the AQA Monitor?

The AQA monitor measures the amount of filtered water you use and in turn is able to display your filters remaining capacity. The monitor also incorporates an audible alarm that will beep when the cartridge capacity is running low and beep twice when the cartridge needs to be changed.
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Drink Vital

Water is a great source of energy

It is very important to supply your body with the best possible water. Water enriched with magnesium helps to provide the precious mineral essential to your body. 2.5L of BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water provides up to 20% (~65 mg) * of your daily magnesium requirement.
*on average 303 ppm


Drink Local

Good things are often on your own doorstep.

Single-use bottled water often travels long distances before reaching you. There is a much better solution: water from your local tap. BWT treats the water in your home and reduces the unnecessary transport of drinking water. The result: less CO2 emissions, which is good for the climate. Given the great fresh taste of BWT Magnesium enriched water, you can change to locally filtered water without a loss in quality. Choosing BWT can also reduce your use of disposable single use bottles that can end up in the ocean. Nature says thank you!

You can change the world, sip by sip.

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Drink Responsibly

Afford­able, smart water for everyone, every­where.

Everyone has the right to clean water. Yet more than 760 million people around the world still have limited access to it. This is why BWT works to secure drinking water supplies in developing countries. Forty-nine BWT eWater wells have already been drilled in Gambia and provide residents with access to clean drinking water. Discover more


Drink Delicious

Magnesium is a great flavour carrier.

The water enriched in magnesium from BWT therefore brings, with each sip, an astonishing taste pleasure. BWT water is a delicious thirst quencher and is also ideal for brewing coffee and tea. A delightful taste that accompanies you throughout the day.

AQA drink Pure LOFT

AQA drink Pure LOFT

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